Samsung Gear S3 is really better than Samsung Gear S2?

Since Samsung launched Gear S2 last year, the battle for smartwatch has been heated to its climax. At this point, the third pole has been created, firstly the Apple Watch runs Watch OS, the second is Gear S2 running Tizen, and the third is the rest of the smartwatch world. So, has Samsung’s recently launched Gear S3 had enough power to follow Gear S2 in this fierce battle? 

The third-generation version is designed with two variants, Gear S3 Classic, and Gear S3 Frontier. Overall, it doesn’t have much change compared to its predecessor Gear S2. Simply, Samsung only upgraded the Gear S3 configuration to a higher level to suit the needs of the market. 


In my opinion, the Gear S2 is too small to fit well with anyone with a large body. And this is probably the reason that Gear S3 possesses “superior form” when all sizes are designed “bigger” than S2. 


Along with new features and technology, obviously, the Gear S3’s weight is much larger than that of the Gear S2. Hopefully, with this sacrifice in weight, Samsung will have a better user experience on Gear S3 than its predecessor. 


Gear S3 and Gear S2 both have a 316L stainless steel case, a material commonly used in watchmaking, which allows it to resist corrosion of seawater. There is a difference from S2, S3’s screen is covered with Gorilla Glass SR +, which is Corning’s new protective glass, which according to Samsung is nearly as hard as Sapphire.

In addition, Gear S3 is enhanced with Affording technology to increase battery life and make it easier to read. 

Display content 

The screen size of S3 (1.3 inches), designed slightly larger than its predecessor S2 (1.2 inches). However, the S3 display level is much better than the Gear S2, making the user experience on S3 better. There is the same screen resolution of 360×360 and because the Gear S3’s screen is larger so the pixel density is reduced. However, this level of reduction is low, so image quality will be almost equal to each other.  

The screens of both smartwatches both use AMOLED technology for black and glossy experience, helping users to reduce the amount of light (attention) emitted during the night. In addition, it also saves a significant amount of battery life. 

This is a feature that is equipped on both Gear generations, making these smartwatches always display information. Equipping AMOLED panels with AOD color simplification technology will help these smartwatches look more like traditional watches. 

Bezel rotation 

This is a quite trendy feature equipped on both generations of this smartwatch. The Bezel gives you the ability to rotate the glass to navigate without touching the touch screen. However, Bezel on Gear 3 is designed to complement features such as calling and receiving calls that are not available on Gear 2. 

IP68 waterproof standard 

Both smartwatches are equipped with an IP68 waterproof standard. This means that you can freely use it in a water environment such as hand washing, rain, and splashing. 

Battery – there is an upgrade 

This Gear 3 is enhanced with a battery capacity of 380 mAh (from 250 mAh of Gear 2). Which in theory is enough to serve basic tasks for users within 4 days. 

Wireless charging 

Both devices are equipped with Samsung’s wireless charging technology. Gear 3 also doesn’t have any new features or significant upgrades compared to Gear 2. 


Samsung still uses proprietary software with the TIZEN platform for both devices. 

Compatibility with Android 

Like 2 Gear, Samsung’s smartwatches are compatible with the world’s most popular operating system, Android. And you will not be restricted when interacting with other phones not manufactured by Samsung. 

Compatibility with iPhone 

Samsung said Gear 3 and Gear 2 are compatible with products from iPhone rivals. However, up to now, there has been no official action to prove it. According to many sources, Samsung is trying to build an app on the iOS operating system to be able to connect to these smartwatches. 

Data network 

Both versions of Gear 2 are equipped with 3G connectivity. However, the Classic Gear 3 version does not support this. Fortunately, the Gear 3 Frontier version supports both 3G and LTE. 


Both versions are equipped with location positioning technology. Gear 3 has nothing to upgrade compared to Gear 2. 

Monitor the heart rate 

This is the core function when users consider buying a smartwatch. Therefore, both versions are equipped with this feature. 

Samsung Pay 

There are an upgrade and change in the payment method of Samsung Pay in the Gear 3 version. That is the addition of MST technology to the payment process, instead of only using NFC technology as Gear 2. Thus, users will be more convenient when making online payments without caring whether the store supports NFC or not. 

Strap size 

The Gear 3 has a larger watch face, so Samsung has increased the strap section to 22mm (compared to Gear 2 is 20 mm). 

Summary of highlights of Gear 3 compared to Gear 2 

– Use the strap with the size of 22mm (the old version is 20mm). 

– Larger clock size is 46mm (compared to 42mm), although the resolution is still 360×360. 

– Built-in speaker. 

– Integrated car control applications (eg. BMW models, etc.) 

– The screen has the function Always On Display (similar to S7, S7 Edge, & Note 7 phones). 

– Glass using high-class Corning Gorilla SR + glass has just been introduced for Smartphones. 

– Battery improved markedly, with 380mAh (compared to Gear S2 is 250mAh), increased usage time up to 3 to 4 days. 

– Improved Bezel rotation, making operation easier (eg. Calling, receiving calls, etc.) 

– Samsung Pay is upgraded with more security, using NFC and MST. 

– Knox has been applied on Gear S3. 


Gear S3 is a worthwhile upgrade for Samsung’s smartwatch line. It adds a lot of new features, including hardware and software. This has attracted developers to create applications to fully exploit its capabilities. 

Its overall design is still very harmonious and charming. Especially, it is added with a number of engraved rings, so it looks closer to the traditional clock. How about you? How do you feel about Samsung Gear 3 this year? Does it deserve to upgrade from Gear 2? Let’s discuss it below! 

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