Best Revelation M tips for beginners

Revelation M is an MMORPG that brings players into the open world with countless features, unique experiences, and top-notch graphics. Players can be free to explore the vast and detailed world while impersonating anyone with a diverse career system. Besides, the game owns hundreds of plot details, collecting missions, and other exciting mini-games.

Because of the game’s expansive world and huge amount of content, you may find it overwhelming when you’re just starting out. Therefore, this article will bring you the best tips for Revelation M to help beginners get off to a better start.

Best Revelation M tips for beginners

Best tips for Revelation M that beginners should know

Don’t skip the tutorial

Like many other games, Revelation M always guides you through everything you need to know about combat mechanics and basic operations throughout the game. Carefully following the game instructions will help newbies understand how to attack, use skills, and combine skillfully.

In addition, this also helps players know how to upgrade characters and weapons, enhance equipment and pets, etc., all to support favorable advancement.

Complete the main quests

The main quests should be completed especially for beginners to experience Revelation M. Also, the game will only allow enjoying some features after completing the mission. Therefore, make sure to follow the main quests to unlock all the content of this title.

The missions are like game instructions when in the early stages until a certain level is reached. The main quests can be seen at the top left of the game screen. At the start of the game, there will be main quests to complete, so keep working until you unlock some notable features.

Revelation M has a huge amount of main quests and gamers have a lot to do continuously. Therefore, make sure to follow the main quests and unlock many play features, while getting rewards for completing them.

Complete the main quests- Best Revelation M tips for beginners

Choose the right character class

Since Revelation M is a role-playing game, players will find the class feature here. As a beginner, everyone will find it difficult to choose what is best for them. So this is how players can choose the best class for themselves in the game.

Basically, the game consists of 5 different classes: Paladin, Occultist, Blade Master, Spirit Shaper, and Sword Mage. The way gamers want to play will determine which character class is suitable for them. For example, if you love thrilling action gameplay, then Blade Master and Sword Mage should be the right choice.

Equip a healing item

Because there are many battles in Revelation M, gamers must take measures to protect the character’s strength in the arena. When fighting enemies or doing complete quests, you will receive various items, some of which can be used to protect your character’s health, and they are named Potion Health.

Equip this to the character to more effectively protect and regain the character’s health. The Potion Health that the player will be stored in the inventory and can equip his character with all the necessary potions for quick recovery.

Equip a healing item- Best Revelation M tips for beginners

Go to war and explore the world

First, starting into the game, everyone sees the story and the battles unfold, that’s how the game is designed. Gamers should note that they will not be able to progress further in the adventure story unless and until the end of the enemies that appear in their path. This will really make everyone feel like a classic RPG.

The next part of the tutorial lets the player understand what a healing potion really is and how to use it. Completing missions or defeating enemies gives the potion the player needs to collect. Abundant health helps the character become stronger and perform well in battles. Therefore, continue to replenish your character’s health from time to time by visiting the warehouse to check the healing potions.

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