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Revelation M is a cross-platform MMORPG game. With many attractive and exciting features in terms of graphics and gameplay, Revelation Mobile promises to bring a new breeze to the gaming community.

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About Revelation M

Revelation M is a classic role-playing with a carefully invested storyline. Accordingly, the fantasy world in the game will be a combination of both Eastern and Western cultures. Many myths and real-life folklore stories are cleverly integrated into the plot.

About Revelation M- Revelation M

With sharp graphics quality, the game can confidently conquer fastidious gamers right in terms of images. This MMORPG allows each gamer to role-play and grow with a personalized style, becoming a unique character and personality completely different from other players.

At Revelation M, you can freely adjust and create your character’s appearance, transform into any model you want, and freely explore the living world in the game through a diverse system of professions and sects.

About Revelation M- Revelation M

The gameplay

Revelation M brings 6 character classes with options for gender and appearance for you to choose. The shaping part will definitely be a time-consuming step for gamers, from dyeing hair to adjusting eye color, mouth, ears, nose, or anything! You can even scan your face to create the exact same character, or share your creation with other players when creating your favorite baby.

The gameplay- Revelation M

Players are also introduced to the game’s incredibly fluid set of movement mechanics including glide, body, etc. buttons, ensuring a multitude of options for exploring the vast world, but also possibly applying to difficult PvP or PvE battles. To ensure that gamers do not get bored while exploring the large open world, the developer also offers pet capture mechanics and an in-depth crafting system to diversify daily activities.

How to download Revelation M

You can access this link for Android and this one for iOS to quickly download and install the game to your devices. Revelation M is now available for free experience, therefore, let’s get it!

How to download Revelation M- Revelation M

Final words

The vast world of Revelation M is completely hand-drawn by the player himself. Whether you are a gamer who loves to explore, adventure, or become a warrior sweeping the arenas, even just want to be free, this mobile game can meet it. This is a place for you to enjoy and explore the world in your own way, without having to be too tied to the plot like in the past.

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