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In addition to apps supporting work, the funny app, such as 9GAG, Cheezburger, PiVi & Co’s Booth series, etc., also create special appeal to users.

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Laughter is a tonic for both body and soul. With the development of communication technology, most laughter comes from jokes, funny pictures/ videos on websites, but there are some pretty good Android funny apps developed for entertaining and amusing. Here are the best Android funny apps. 

First funny app: 9GAG 

First funny app: 9GAG - Android Funny Apps

The first is the 9GAG. The app is quite proud of owning an extensive collection of sayings, images, funny videos, and more. There are also non-funny things like cosplay and other cute pictures. The app is free to use and under development to complement exciting experiences on 9GAG, including message boards, sharing, and the ability to vote. 

Funny app: Cheezburger 

 Funny app: Cheezburger - Android Funny Apps

Cheezburger is one of the most popular humorous sites on the Internet, and it has more than 10 million visitors each month. This app lets you surf the web, search for videos, images, jokes, comics, and other fun content. You can also create posts by logging in with your Facebook account or email on the app. Also, you can access other websites such as Memebase, ROFLRazzi, etc. 


theCHIVE - Android Funny Apps theCHIVE

theCHIVE is a website that uploads funny pictures, interesting stories, videos, and other fun features. Recent updates allow people to post more fun stuff as well as to add a menu to quickly search for genres according to user preferences, top ratings, and other site functions. The interface is quite clear and simple to make it easier to find comedy images. 

Food Battle 

Food Battle - Android Funny Apps

FoodBattle is a cute game on Android. In this game, you have to kill killer donuts to bring your friends and family back. The app has a conversation feature aimed at more mature users, and make changes from games for kids like Angry Birds or CandyCrush. FoodBattle features simple controls, quizzes, and many voiced characters. 

Funny Facts Free 8000 

Funny Facts Free 8000 Android Funny Apps

As for FunnyFactsFree, the name of the application basically speaks of its characteristics. It’s a bunch of funny, weird, goofy, or entertaining events, and the app is also free. The app is not as shocking or unexpected as Cheezburger or 9GAG, but it has many exciting and obvious things with a simple interface. The application will also read aloud if you need it. The current app has not been updated, but still works well and attracts many users. 

Funny Jokes 

FunnyJokes is an application that contains a series of jokes. You can choose by category. There are some facts Chuck Norris, small pranks, funny stories, etc. The interface is easy to use, and the app is entirely free, too. Users can also comment on jokes and rate them. The app has been updated recently. 

Funny Weather app

Sometimes, when we look outside the window, the only thing we can honestly say is: Oh #@*&%! Well, let’s check the Funny Weather and show it in a very special way.

MyRadar is a fast, easy-to-use, no-frills application that displays animated Funny Weather radar around your current location, allowing you to quickly see what Funny Weather is coming your way.

Funny Weather app- Android Funny Apps

Funny ringtones app

The app makes you happy every time when someone calls you. The quality of the sounds is so high. The app has more than 50 different ringtones. The songs are small-sized. You can use the ringtones as an alarm clock or SMS notification. The interface os the app is simple and intuitive. Open the app and choose the tune.

Funny ringtones app- Android Funny Apps

Funny face app: PiVi & Co’s Booth series 

Funny face app: PiVi & Co’s Booth series - Android Funny Apps

PiVi & Co’s Booth series is an image editing application, making your photos look special. The app includes FatBooth, AgingBooth, UglyBooth, and some features making people look fat, old, ugly, etc., and this is also a fun way to share it later on Facebook with friends. 

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