Cuphead – Contract with the Devil
Cuphead - Contract with the Devil

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You may hear of the cartoon Cuphead, a popular animated movie appearing for a long time. Still, now, this classic cartoon has once again been revived through an action and adventure game also called Cuphead.

About Cuphead

The story of the game Cuphead is about a new adventure between Cuphead and Mugman. After losing a bet with the Devil at the casino, the two were threatened with the recovery of their souls, but the two pleaded and will have to go on a mission to track down other debtors and recover their souls. theirs to the Devil. From here, the main content officially begins. About Cuphead- Cuphead - Contract with the Devil

Cuphead owns a huge number of levels as well as being extremely diverse. Each level has its own theme and context, corresponding to each boss. A special feature of these levels is that the context of the game is extremely beautifully designed, with a classic cartoon style. With the characters, monsters are drawn entirely by hand, meticulously polished each line. Besides, the background is painted entirely in watercolor, helping the game increase the nostalgia. To make the game more cartoonish, the publisher cleverly incorporated funny sound effects, which often appeared in cartoons of the last century. About Cuphead- Cuphead - Contract with the Devil

The gameplay

Cuphead has a relatively simple gameplay and is quite similar to classic horizontal perspective action games like Contra or Rambo. You will control one of two characters, Cuphead or Mugman, to fight with monsters, or it can be called the debtors of the Devil and their minions, to be able to collect debts for the Devil. The operation that the player needs to perform is not too complicated, when it only includes the commands forward, backward, jump and attack. You can hold the attack button to continuously shoot at the enemy and coordinate with the movement to be able to dodge their attacks.

The gameplay- Cuphead - Contract with the Devil

The challenge lies in the fact that you will only have 3 lives corresponding to 3 hits of the opponent. In the opposite direction, these “debtors” are not easy when they possess the ability to hit almost continuously, even with difficulty. Therefore, it requires the ability to move skillfully, skills to avoid attacks, and choose a reasonable standing position.

>> Survival experience in Cuphead

Best features

  • Classic graphics, style, and the soul of the cult cartoons of the last century.
  • The plot is built full of thrilling, funny and extremely attractive, bringing in the nature of classic cartoon movies.
  • The gameplay is simple but challenging, giving players the feeling and desire to conquer.
  • Countless levels with powerful bosses that you must confront in order to complete the game’s challenge.
  • The game is full of nostalgia, recalling the beautiful memories of many generations of gamers.

Best features- Cuphead - Contract with the Devil

How to download Cuphead APK

The game is not available on mobile platforms, so let’s wait for more! Meanwhile, you can stream Cuphead on PC through this link.

To conclude

Cuphead is really a good game, full of fun and you will definitely feel excited the first time you experience it. With the game screen looks quite simple, but when you have to really face it, it will be a big challenge. The game requires perseverance, observation as well as judgment and ingenuity from the player. And above all, with the drawing of images in the form of a cartoon, Cuphead will give players hours of great entertainment.

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