Survival experience in Cuphead

For lovers of the 1930s-Disney-art style, Cuphead is definitely a game not to be missed. This fast-paced shooting game focuses on hitting enemies that invade the screen, along with exciting graphic-print transformation bosses.

The game is designed with a high initial difficulty, requiring a lot of players’ quick reflexes and patience. If you have trouble entering this game, let’s explore the following survival experience in Cuphead to get a fresh start!

Survival experience in Cuphead

Survival experience in Cuphead

Change the firing button

The first thing you should do is change the fire button to the trigger button on the gamepad. This change will help control the character more comfortably when you can both press the trigger to shoot and press the jump button without difficulty in control.

Initial weapon selection

Chaser, Roundabout, and Spreader are the three weapons that you should buy first. Chaser is a weapon that can find and kill the nearest enemy, quite convenient to shoot moving targets, but the damage is quite low. Roundabout is a bit stronger than Chaser, it works like a boomerang, when you shoot in front it will fly at an angle and fly backward. And finally, the Spreader gives a quite strong firepower, can hit many angles, and is almost the most powerful weapon in Cuphead. Its drawback is that its firing distance is quite short. 

Don’t forget that you can equip both guns and quickly switch back and forth with the push of a button when needed.

Initial weapon selection- Survival experience in Cuphead

Try every weapon and power

In Cuphead, the character can carry 2 weapons at the same time, one is called Charm and the other is a special power called Super Art. Weapons range from short-range to long-range, high-damage missiles. Therefore, try out different weapons to see what works for you best.

Some bosses require bullet-throwing weapons while others benefit from the player’s auto-heal. So, keep buying and trying out all the weapons and skills to find the one that’s right for you.

Use support buffs

Buff has the ability to grant more hearts while reducing damage dealt or adding attacks to successfully parry. At the beginning of the game, one of the additions is a buff that prevents Cuphead from taking damage when dashing, which is a huge boon and in one stage this will make him look as if he’s teleporting from one point to another.

Parry plays an important role

For a boss from the third world, gamers really need to be able to master parry. Besides jumping and shooting, parry is the most important move to master. So anything pink in the game can do a parry. For example, touch the jump while in the air and it will disable the object; it adds to the super bar and takes the character higher.

Parry plays an important role- Survival experience in Cuphead

Chat with NPCs

Occasionally NPC characters in Cuphead will give you gold coins. You don’t need to do anything, just talk to them again. So don’t skip the conversation with any of the characters. Sometimes they even reward you for doing certain tasks or actions, such as parry succeeding many times in a row.

Make effective teamwork

In co-op, players can equip themselves with different weapons, super, or charms before entering each level or boss fight. So, when playing co-op, it’s a bit more challenging in that the members tend to fight on top of each other. It looks like a hell of bullets firing continuously and gamers have no idea where they are. 

To resolve this situation, members should discuss with each other to avoid equipping the same weapon. In addition, the choice of a variety of offensive weapons also brings higher efficiency to destroy the enemy.

Make effective teamwork- Survival experience in Cuphead

Use charms wisely

Strategically equip charms for each match to complement your playstyle. If you want to attack, equip a coffee charm to increase the power. If you want to focus on defense, equip a heart charm to increase the hit point by one. Each charm has its own effect so learn to make the most of it.


The world in Cuphead contains some secret shortcuts. If you have trouble dealing with a certain boss, try to find shortcuts to change to another level or boss to practice skills first. Not to mention, sometimes you can also find gold coins hidden in mysterious corners of the map. Remember to search hard and carefully, gold coins are not to be missed!

Taking advantage of the boss’ weaknesses

Some bosses continue to “hit” while they are transforming. So, you can take advantage to attack at this moment, helping to shorten the battle time when they complete the transformation. In addition, some enemies often appear to the beat of certain music. Pay attention to the music and attack them at the right time to gain an advantage.

With those survival experiences above, we believe that players will have a good game in Cuphead. If you have any great tips, please feel free to share them with us!

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