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Aniplex Inc.
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Fate/Grand Order is a super popular role-playing game from Japan. The game is inspired by the famous Fate series with attractive graphics and a deep storyline, accompanied by a super attractive cast of characters.

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About Fate/Grand Order

Fate/Grand Order is a mobile role-playing game, developed by Lasengle and published by Aniplex. The game is part of the Fate series, launched in Japan in 2015 for both Android and iOS operating systems.

About Fate/Grand Order- Fate/Grand Order

This is a turn-based fighting game in which the player assumes the role of Master. You will need the power of the Servants to fight against your enemies. Its plot also follows the visual novel model with each Servant having their own story. Players will own the Servants through the gacha system.

The characters are modeled in a beautiful 2D anime style, while the background is also taken care of to bring the best experience to the player. And yet, the impressive combat phase comes with vivid sound to help push the player’s emotions to the highest. The background music in the game is also constantly changed based on each happening. Players will flexibly experience the smooth melodious sounds to the fast-paced, fast-paced melodies.

About Fate/Grand Order- Fate/Grand Order

The gameplay

In Fate/Grand Order, the player becomes the master and owns up to 55 Servants. These Servants will be divided into different classes, in which each class has its own corresponding skills.

The main task of the player is to arrange the cards and give orders to his Servants. Each time entering the match, the player needs to choose 3 Command cards based on 5 types of equipment cards. These cards include Arts, Buster, and Click, with each card having its own unique properties. As follows:

  • Quick Card: Perform fast and fast attacks with low damage but high critical hit.
  • Arts card: The damage is medium but has the ability to increase the Noble Phantasm.
  • Buster Card: The card with the highest damage compared to the other two types of cards.
The gameplay- Fate/Grand Order

>> How to play Fate/Grand Order


  • The plot is inspired by the popular movie series, Fate
  • Confront difficult missions for the reward of victory
  • Accompany different characters with a fascinating storyline
  • Vivid images and great sound effects

How to download Fate/Grand Order for mobile

Fate/Grand Order is currently available to download and install for free for Android devices, so, you can access here to directly get the game to your mobile.

How to download Fate/Grand Order for mobile- Fate/Grand Order


Since its release, Fate/Grand Order has received a lot of love from gamers in Japan and internationally. If you are a lover of mobile role-playing games, of course, this title cannot be ignored!

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