Instructions on how to play Fate/Grand Order

Fate/Grand Order features an extremely attractive plot, graphics, and gameplay. However, if you are a newbie and want to enjoy this game but are still confused? Don’t worry, the following article will detail the instructions on how to play Fate/Grand Order for newbies.

Fate/Grand Order is a role-playing game with tactical elements released by Aniplex Inc in 2015. The game is inspired by the movie Fate, a popular series from the land of cherry blossom. Players have to confront and perform various tasks set forth by the system. These tasks vary from easy to difficult, from basic to advanced.

Moreover, during the game, you can also accompany different characters or choose for yourself a weapon to fight, such as Excalibur sword, Laevatein sword, Ea sword, Gae Bolg tree love, etc. Also, you explore every nook and cranny in the game and open up a mysterious and equally fascinating storyline.

Instructions on how to play Fate/Grand Order

Instructions on how to play Fate/Grand Order

Types of Cards

As a master, your main task is to arrange command cards to give orders to your servants. At the beginning of the game, you have to choose 3 arbitrary command cards out of 5 types of given cards, including Quick, Arts, and Buster with different properties.

  • Quick Card: As the name suggests, this is a series of fast attacks that do low damage but leave high critical points. These points will increase the crit stat for the next turn, and create a star to dart monsters, and as many stars as possible.
  • Arts Card: This card offers medium damage and can increase Noble Phantasm, which helps you quickly restore Mana bar (at 100%, you can use the servant’s skills).
  • Buster Card: This is the type of card with the best damage compared to Quick and Arts but it leaves no additional effects.
Types of Cards-Instructions on how to play Fate/Grand Order

The outcome of the match depends on the ability to arrange these cards, such as arranging 3 Arts cards in a row to increase the NP tree to the maximum level. In addition, when a servant has 3 Command cards in a row, that person will be given another attack card to form Brave Chains to deal great damage.

Select Support Servant

Choose Support Servant to help you get through hard quests, and you can’t use MP until being approved as a friend. Each servant has 1-3 support skills with different cooldown durations.

It would be remiss not to mention the Command Seal system of the masters because this is an interesting detail in the anime/manga. A master has 3 Command Seals and if they use them all, they lose the right to participate in Holy Grail War.

Select Support Servant-Instructions on how to play Fate/Grand Order

Fortunately, Fate/Grand Order does not follow that rule, allowing players to freely use Command Seals to heal servants or fill NP trees. When you need to skip, you can also use all 3 Command Seals to revive the main squad. However, a Command Seal after use takes up to 24 hours to recover.

Equip Craft Essence to your Servant

In addition to Servant, Craft Essence (CE) is also indispensable in the game. It is also a form of equipment giving Servants more special skills. To equip your Party with CEs, type in the space below the Servants where all the CEs will be displayed for you to choose from. And, remember to press Battle Speed for the Servant to hit faster.

Additionally, the selection of the squad for Servants is also an issue. Before the match, the masters must arrange the formation of 2 groups – the main group and the reserve group. The main party consists of 2 of your Servants and 1 Support Servant from friends, a random list, or NPC.

Equip Craft Essence to your Servant-Instructions on how to play Fate/Grand Order

The reserve party consists of 3 Servants of the player, whose mission is to enter the battle when the main party is completely destroyed. Only 5 Servants selected to the squad can increase relationship points so if you’re looking to open the Interlude quest of a particular Servant, put them in the reserve or main squad.

Action Points

Action Points (AP) are health points that regenerate over time and allow the player to do quests. Each AP takes 5 minutes to cool down but can be replenished instantly using a Saint Crystal or Apples. Depending on the master’s level, AP points will be more or less, and each quest you hit notify you how much AP is lost.

Each time you level up a Master, you will recover exactly 1 AP bar, that is, if your AP bar limit is currently 80, then when you level up, no matter how much AP is left, you will also gain more 80 and this is also the maximum number of APs you can exceed. The maximum AP cap increase by at least 1 point each time you level up until you reach level 100. 140 AP is currently the maximum limit. Usually, at the same location, the main quest will consume more AP than the free quest.

Action Points-Instructions on how to play Fate/Grand Order


Hopefully, the instructions on how to play Fate/Grand Order are clear and useful for you when first joining the game. Thank you for reading and see you in the next post!

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