Global Offensive Mobile: Hot Game 2021
Global Offensive Mobile: Hot Game 2021

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Recently, the Vietnamese gaming community handed over a shooting game that was considered CS: GO Mobile when the same session. PC version to 99%
Global Offensive Mobile: Hot Game 2021
Up to the present time, although a lot of blockbuster shooting has been released globally, but for many gamers, Counter-Strike before and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is now ” true love “. Many gamers still consider CS: GO the symbol of the online shooter series, although the previous Raid or Valorant of the present also have a certain part of the game player.
Global Offensive Mobile: Hot Game 2021
Although not a genuine product, but Global Offensive Mobile (the name of this game) still gives gamers a lot of excitement and excitement. It is known that this “CS: GO Mobile” was developed by a game development company in Thailand and is very likely to expand globally in the future. According to the images and gameplay videos of this game, the graphics system, weapons and maps, even the way players buy weapons per game are very similar to CS: GO. As can be seen, the developer is desperate to bring the essence of CS: GO onto his product when the way from the shot to the projectile is displayed, making the viewer think of the PC version.
Global Offensive Mobile: Hot Game 2021
Although only being released in the form of Early Access, this CS: GO Mobile has brought the expectation of many gamers. However, it is not known if this game has any legal problems from Valve Corporation or not. Because if the copyright holder of CS: GO filed a lawsuit, the fate of Global Offensive Mobile did not know how it would be.
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