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Clash Royale
Clash Royale

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Android 5.0 and up


Product Description

Clash Royale is a strategy mobile game launched in 2016 by Supercell. The game received a video game award from the British Academy. Its new gameplay with a combination of card strategy and tower defense is quite similar to the game Yu-gi-Oh!.

Clash Royale owns various types of cards: champion cards, power cards, etc. Players can find cards through combat or open chests after each battle. When players collect the necessary number of cards, they can use gold coins to upgrade cards. Upgrading will help increase the stats and strength of the warrior on the stage.

The gameplay

The player’s main task is to summon warriors from cards. Then, attack and destroy the opposing side to win. Each faction has a main fortress and many watchtowers to protect the fortress. Meanwhile, each watchtower has a guard to guide you to the fortress. If the watchtower is destroyed, the player can proceed straight to the main fortress instead of taking down one by one.

Besides, the player also need oil energy to summon cards. Depending on the rarity, ability, and strength of each card, the amount of oil will be completely different. Normally, summoning warriors requires from 2 to 5 oil points. The maximum oil depot is able to store 10 oil points.

The game modes

There are 3 main groups of game modes in Clash Royale, including:

  • Battle mode: Players will compete with each other in 1vs1 format to collect trophy points and increase their rank. Increasing rank will help players unlock more new, powerful and interesting cards.
  • Recreational mode: This includes two main forms: endless elixir and 2vs2. This can be considered an entertaining game mode in Clash Royale when it brings extremely interesting and unique battles.
  • Event mode: Event game mode will appear at certain intervals (When the player has unlocked the 5th kingdom) and bring special cards as well as extremely attractive rewards.


  • Captivating tactical gameplay of arranging troops to attack enemies
  • Diverse types of warrior cards with different rarities and abilities
  • Countless extremely fun game modes
  • Cooperate with friends in exciting 2vs2 mode
  • Accumulate experience in fighting to climb ranks and get attractive rewards

How to download Clash Royale for free on mobile

The game is now available on both Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS. Therefore, you can visit these stores or access our provided links to directly download Clash Royale for free on mobile.

To conclude

Clash Royale gives players a new perspective of playing in the card-strategy game genre. If you are a lover of this genre and want to find a title with unique elements, this is an ideal option to experience!

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