Indian Bikes Driving 3D by Rohit Gaming Studio is an Indian street racing game. Still, the title brings together the excitement of high-speed motorcycle racing with a touch of GTA-style gangster elements.

The racing journey goes through different places around India. You will play the role of a gangster, with the ability to skillfully control all means of transportation. Using this skill, you have to run away from the police, and other gangsters while enjoying unlimited racing fun.

The gameplay

Players find themselves in the heart of Indian cities, navigating through bustling streets, dodging traffic, and competing against rival bikers. The open-world environment allows players to explore the vibrant urban landscapes while participating in heart-pounding races.

More specifically, you need to steal every vehicle on the road and start racing down the road. You can get out of the car, explore the city, and go around here and there, performing missions until you notice that someone is pursuing you again. Just like that, the race continues from one stage to another, from one location to another on numerous types of attractive vehicles.

Outstanding features

  • Realistic Graphics and Environments: Indian Bikes Driving 3D boasts stunning graphics that bring the streets of India to life. From the vibrant markets to the narrow alleys, every detail is meticulously crafted, providing an immersive visual experience.
  • Diverse Range of Bikes: The game features a wide selection of Indian bikes, each with its unique characteristics. From sleek sports bikes to robust cruisers, players can choose the ride that suits their style and preferences.
  • Open-World Exploration: Unlike traditional racing games, Indian Bikes Driving 3D offers an open-world environment for players to explore. Discover hidden shortcuts, engage in side missions, and experience the dynamic day and night cycle as you navigate the city streets.
  • GTA-Inspired Gameplay Elements: The inclusion of GTA-style gangster elements adds a new dimension to the game. Engage in thrilling chases, participate in illegal races, and take on missions that lead you deeper into the underworld.

How to download Indian Bikes Driving 3D on mobile

Follow these steps to kickstart your journey into the heart of Indian street racing for free:

  1. Visit the link above this article of Apkafe.
  2. Locate the Download button and click on it.
  3. Wait for Indian Bikes Driving 3D to install on your mobile device.
  4. Once the download is complete, open the game, and you’re ready to hit the virtual streets of India.

Final thoughts

With HD graphics, diverse bike selection, and open-world exploration, Indian Bikes Driving 3D offers immersive racing excitement. Download the game and get ready for an adrenaline-fueled ride through the dynamic streets of India!


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