Developed by Embark Studios - a subsidiary studio of Nexon, The Finals is an interesting shooting game project released to the gaming community through the Steam platform.

The Finals
The Finals

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Product Description

As a first-person shooting game, The Finals brings gamers to a modern arena where gamers have to take advantage of all the weapons and items necessary to survive and defeat other players. They can play alone or combine teams and choose different characters. Each character will have their own personal skills suitable to shine depending on the situation like Overwatch and Valorant.

Graphics are the highlight of the game. Players can hold objects in the game to build architecture, solve puzzles, and even in necessary situations, you can grab anything to throw at your opponent. The fire effects and physical interactions are especially impressive through scenes of explosions, architectural collapses, and the use of large military equipment.

What makes The Finals apart

The Finals does not follow the traditional model of popular survival games on the market. Instead of 100 people per match like other survival games, the title narrows it down to 12 people divided equally among 4 teams. This will narrow the map area; and its mechanism is also a bit more complicated when you need to survive and defeat opponents like other games.

Also, the game features two special elements, one of which is the unique custom equipment system. The character’s role will change according to the character’s own weight. When entering the character customization section, gamers will have to choose between light, medium and heavy body types. Each type will be able to use different equipment with special abilities. Stamina, speed and role will also vary in body types. Each character will have 3 secondary weapons and one main weapon to use throughout the game, so gamers need to discuss carefully with team members to get the best strategy.

The gameplay

Four teams will start at random locations on the battlefield. Along with that, 2 volts and 2 senders are also created on the map. The objective of the game involves protecting this vault and capturing as much money as possible through a money transfer machine. The team with the most money at the end of the game will be the winner.

The main fun of this game comes from the many variables as it plays out. Since both protecting and depositing money takes time, the player must protect the safe, transport the created safe to the sender, and with it secure it again within a certain period of time. If your entire team is defeated, the money you have will also be taken away. Of course, members can be revived, but the number of revivals will be limited. Each game in this game only lasts about 10 minutes, so they need to concentrate quite a lot.

How to download The Finals on mobile

Though its beta is over, Embark Studios has not announced the official release date of The Finals. In the mean time, you can follow Apkafe for the latest information about the game.

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