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Product Description

Vampire Survivors is developed by an indie studio called Poncle. Since its launch, the game has been widely acclaimed as a fun survival game with simple gameplay and roguelite elements. Moreover, the gameplay of Vampire also does not require complicated operations. However, players need to be quick and quick to destroy the monsters that appear constantly and try to survive because there is nowhere to hide.

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About Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors is an extremely attractive survival action game. You will be the only player to fight thousands of monsters that appear continuously on the screen. Each time you hit a monster, the damage index will be displayed on the screen, making you more interested in destroying the monster.

About Vampire Survivors- Vampire Survivors

The gameplay

You will choose and control a character with different powers and weapons from a total of 11 characters in the game. Your task is to destroy all monsters that appear in each wave. Players also need to choose new powers and weapons each time they level up. In case of collecting all 6 accessories and corresponding weapons can be upgraded to more powerful items.

The game also has a Gacha mechanism to increase the stimulation for players. Every time you level up or open your inventory, you will receive random weapons, gold, and power-ups. Therefore, you can easily change the character and the way to different items every time the game is over.

The gameplay- Vampire Survivors

One note if you want to not waste resources in Vampire Survivors is that when furniture or experience gems drop on the road, remember to pick it up, that’s how you can get stronger and play the game easier.


  • Super fun interactive strategy game
  • Diverse character system, weapons, and items
  • Achievements unlock bonus features while playing
  • The price of the game is not too high


  • Game graphics are not special compared to the era when game technology is developing very strongly
The gameplay- Vampire Survivors

How to download Vampire Survivors

Besides directly streaming on its official website, players can download and experience the game on their Android and iOS mobile devices. Vampire Survivors is available for free on Google Play Store and AppStore.


Vampire Survivors is a simple yet profound game. Though it’s a Steam Early Access, it’s actually a complete and strangely satisfying shooter that cleverly uses easy controls and the ability to change roguelite upgrades to offers strategic options.

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