Vampire Survivors: 5 things to remember before starting the game

Vampire Survivors is a horror-style game with roguelike elements, where you can choose from a variety of weapons to increase strength and destroy thousands of monsters. With various ways of playing, each person can make a difference or soon be in the arms of the enemy. Therefore, you can refer to the 5 important things below to have a good fight against the monsters.

Vampire Survivors: 5 things to remember before starting the game

5 things to remember before starting Vampire Survivors

#1. Take advantage of your own money

For many games, you need to hoard money to use for a larger purpose later, but for Vampire Survivors, this is a mistake. If you want to survive, you have to equip new weapons and skills as soon as possible to ensure your attack and defense are effective. Especially, you can get the original amount when upgrading skills before each game.

Therefore, do not hesitate to take advantage of the money you own and maximize your strength.

Take advantage of your own money- Vampire Survivors: 5 things to remember before starting the game

#2. Prioritize attack

Having a good defense will be more effective, especially in the late game, but with Vampire Survivors, this is the complete opposite, you have to prioritize the attack. Through the rich weapon system and diverse skills, the game becomes more attractive. As a result, focusing only on defense skills might make you breathe easy in the early game, yet not be helpful when it comes to the late stage. So, let’s focus on attacking skills more!

#3. Learn the mechanics of weapon evolution

Every weapon in Vampire Survivors can be evolved. Especially through evolution, they will become stronger and faster than the original version. You can evolve a weapon when it reaches level 8 and pair it with another weapon.

However, there is one point is that you will not know which evolved weapon you receive after pairing the ones together. Therefore, remembering the weapon combination formula is also essential you need to know.

Learn the mechanics of weapon evolution- Vampire Survivors: 5 things to remember before starting the game

#4. Make simple choices in the early game

In the early levels, you will rely heavily on early upgrades to grow in strength. Focus on upgrading from 1 to 2 weapons as much as possible instead of unlocking too many different weapons and skills. This will help you quickly kill monsters as well as easier to level up.

#5. Take on in-game challenges

Not only survival, Vampire Survivors also brings challenges and gifts to players. Pay attention to the Unlocks section to check if you can complete any new challenges. Through them, you can also get new items and skills. Therefore, to always feel that the game is not boring, try to break as many challenges as possible to earn more interesting things.

Take on in-game challenges- Vampire Survivors: 5 things to remember before starting the game

Final words

Apkafe has just presented 5 vital things to note before playing Vampire Survivors. Hope you find the information useful. See you in the next post!

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