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YouTube Vanced is a customized version of YouTube with a new interface and great features like ad blocking, background music playback and easy to install on Android. In this article, will guide you on how to use YouTube Vanced on Android completely free. 

YouTube Vanced is a YouTube Mod version with the same features as YouTube Red and is also completely free. You will enjoy videos without ads, opening music videos in the background, watching videos in the form of a window while opening other applications. In addition, YouTube Vanced has Black Theme or Dark Theme skins that look better, save more battery capacity and are not glare if used in the dark. 

Special features of the Youtube Vanced APK

+ Block ads completely everywhere. 

+ Play videos in the background. 

+ Forcing the device to decode VP9 (or HDR). 

+ Forced to watch at maximum resolution (see 4K for HD monitors). 

+ Spread two fingers to zoom video over the screen (optimized for 18: 9 screen). 

+ Use your finger to slide the two sides to change the volume or screen brightness. 

+ Turn off the Like/Dislike. 

+ Optional light/dark/black interface. 

+ Photo in Picture (PiP) (supports Android Oreo 8.0 or higher). 

+ Automatic playback feature. 

+ Set default resolution or playback speed when watching video. 

Instructions for installing the YouTube Vanced app on Android

– Step 1: Download the YouTube Vanced .apk file. 

Link for devices that are not rooted: (Please install MicroG Vanced to log in to your Google account). 

Link for devices that have root: (link). 

Link for devices using Magisk Framework: (link). 

– Step 2: Click on the downloaded file, select Install, a message will appear, enable Allow from this source, so the installation is complete. YouTube Vanced’s interface is similar to the popular YouTube version. 

Instructions for using the YouTube Vanced APK on Android

  1. How to turn on Dark Theme when using the YouTube Vanced app

– Step 1: Click on the Account icon in the top right corner of the screen from the main application interface. Here, we will select the Settings item as shown below. 

– Step 2: Unlike YouTube, we will have one more item, Vanced Settings, to customize the main functions when using YouTube Vanced. Next to activate Dark Theme on this app, click on Layout Settings. 

– Step 3: We will search and enable the Black Theme feature to use YouTube Vanced with black screen mode. 

  1. How to automatically playback videos when using theYouTube Vanced app

– Step 1: You continue to access the Settings section and select Vanced Settings. Next, we will select the Misc item. 

– Step 2: At this time, we will see the Auto Repeat feature and please enable it. It will help you to automatically playback YouTube videos. You can also activate the Auto Repeat – Background Play feature to automatically playback YouTube videos running in the background on the app (minimized video). 

In addition, in Vanced Settings, there are some other interesting things like: 

– Codec Override: Forced to run video in VP9 decoder, YouTube’s compression standard, and making watching videos smoother and more stable.
– Video Settings: Customize default resolution, default speed, automatically turn on subtitles when watching videos.

The above is a tutorial on how to use YouTube Vanced in the Android operating system completely free of charge. I wish you to use it professionally. If you find the article useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends! 


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