6 tips for Honkai: Star Rail new players

Honkai: Star Rail is a complex turn-based game, so knowing the tips from the start will be helpful to players.

Here are 6 tips for Honkai: Star Rail that any new gamer should check out!

6 tips for Honkai: Star Rail new players

6 tips for Honkai: Star Rail 

#1. Understand the character’s destiny

In Honkai: Star Rail, the characters will not have the same elemental system as Genshin Impact but a similar new mechanism called Destiny. Each will correspond to a different role in the squad. Currently, there are 7 main Destiny, including:

  • Destroy: DPS characters have the ability to survive
  • Hunting: Single-target Nuker character
  • Knowledge: Multi-target DPS character
  • Harmony: Support character buffs teammates
  • Nothingness: Support character debuffs the enemy
  • Protection: Tank defense character for teammates
  • Abundance: The character heals and removes status

The player can also proceed to collect materials based on Destiny. This applies to both their weapons and skills because when having the same Destiny, the characters can use common weapons and get effects from weapons.

#2. Attack the enemy before going into battle

Attacking the enemy before entering the battle gives the player a great advantage. When present on the map, the player can see the enemy’s weak points. After attacking first, the enemy’s resistance will be reduced before entering the battle.

Besides, using Technique instead of basic attacks on enemies also makes the battle faster. Typically, Natasha has the ability to both weaken the enemy and protect our side. Asta or Aslan deals great damage, even Asta can destroy the enemy before entering the battle.

Attack the enemy before going into battle- 6 tips for Honkai: Star Rail new players

#3. Recognize the enemy’s weak points

When entering the battle, the player can clearly see the weakness of each enemy when the match begins. Breaking their resistance will delay action. For normal battles, this is not so important, but for bosses, the action delay greatly affects the outcome of the battle.

In addition, players should pay attention to the optimization in breaking the weak point. The main character has the ability to break a large amount of enemy resistance, but this character can only hit single targets. In contrast, Jing Yuan or Asta has the ability to attack multiple attacks in one turn, so can destroy multi-target resistance. However, the mechanics of these characters are more complex, so players need to understand them to optimize their use.

Recognize the enemy's weak points- 6 tips for Honkai: Star Rail new players

#4. Types of skills

There are five basic types of skills in Honkai: Star Rail. These skills can be leveled up through the Trace system. You need to spend money and hunting materials every day to be able to upgrade them. The five key skill sets include:

  • Basic Attack: Unconditional cast and will restore one skill point.
  • Combat: Has more effects and better damage, but requires a skill point.
  • Ultimate: Requires enough energy to cast and can be used outside of the character’s turn.
  • Talent: Passive ability will automatically activate during battle.
  • Technique: Can only be used outside of battle

The player must gradually unlock these skills through the Trace system. Meanwhile, the endowment level can be simply leveled up to increase its effect.

#5. Utilize secret Techniques

Secret Skills are skills that can only be used in the open world, players can use them to attack before entering the battle. Each character will create their own effects when using Secret Skills. Most characters simply attack and deal pre-battle damage, although there are some characters that add additional effects. Typically, the main character – Miner restores 15% HP for the whole team, Dan Heng increases personal attack stats or Bailu creates a healing effect after being attacked.

Utilize secret Techniques- 6 tips for Honkai: Star Rail new players

#6. Destroy and check everything on the map

In the open world, there are numerous objects that gamers can break. If the normal items will give the player money and ingredients, the purple object will heal the Secret Skill, and the blue object will heal the whole team.

However, in the Simulation Universe mode, things are a bit different. Items will usually give you their own currency to use in this mode. Players need to take advantage of things more “tactically”. Also, there are quite a few Elite monsters and powerful monsters, so players have to save and distribute resources appropriately.

Besides, new players should explore the world as much as possible. Checking everything brings up special events like world quests or simply small items. Players can even get great rewards for investigating these items.

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