8 simple, useful Garena Free Fire tips for TOP 1

Garena Free Fire is a beautiful survival shooting game available on the mobile platform. If you’ve ever played games like Rules of Survival, PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, etc. then you will realize that the gameplay of these games is almost identical, but in fact, each game has its characteristics. So many people have tried applying advanced tips with the above survival shooters to Garena Free Fire and thought they would work. But sometimes the results are not as they expected. To win this game, you need to use the straightforward Garena Free Fire tips that Apkafe.com has summarized in the article below. Stay tuned for what we will have to do in Garena Free Fire.


8 simple, useful Garena Free Fire tips for TOP 1

Common Garena Free Fire tips

1. Don’t rush to open parachute 

Don't rush to open parachute - 8 simple, useful Garena Free Fire tips for TOP 1

Once you have jumped off the plane for a while, you can open the chute, but the advice is not to open the umbrella right away. Because opening the umbrella too early will cause you to land much slower than the remaining opponents. And by the time you land, the enemy is now equipped with guns, and worse, they can shoot you while still hovering in the air. 

Therefore, you should choose the location to parachute on the map, align the position so that when the game automatically sprung parachute, you can still land in the area you want. Thus, you will fall faster, and the ability to loot weapons before the enemy will be higher. 

2. Stay away from “hot” places 

Stay away from "hot" places - 8 simple, useful Garena Free Fire tips for TOP 1

One thing for sure is that the level of combat in remote areas will be much less than “hot” neighborhoods like cities. The reason is that the number of items to loot in these places is always higher than in deserted areas. If you don’t like fighting or you are a newbie, then choose the remote locations to land. 

Of course, there is less chance of war in these areas making you less vulnerable. But accompanied by it is the number and quality of loot items are also inferior to the cities. The advantage here is that you can quickly move into a safer circle and have fewer obstructions coming from the enemy. 

3. Pay attention to the loot armor and caps 

Pay attention to the loot armor and caps - 8 simple, useful Garena Free Fire tips for TOP 1

Weapons are essential, but if you’ve found one or two items, start looking for a shield and a hat. Most players focus on finding weapons immediately but forget these two things. If you have the best defenses in the game and you don’t have any armor on your body, just a Sniper bullet will take you down. 

Therefore, you should prioritize them when you have loot weapons, especially hats. Because, if you’re unlucky and have a headshot, you still have a chance to survive. And in case you have to run away, having armor is better than just weapons. 

4. Do not ride when you play alone 

If you play with your team, you can fight the enemy when you are in the car. You can sit in it and shoot back while your teammate is driving, or vice versa. If you play in Solo mode, don’t climb in the car except in emergencies. 

The reason is that when you move, the car will emit noise and attract other enemies. If they detect you and you don’t run fast enough, then you will be defeated. If you exit the vehicle, leave this area as quickly as possible. The worst is if you are alone in the car and you meet an enemy team. There is a 90% chance that you will become a “roast pig.” 

Some other Garena Free Fire tips

5. Should loot items in favorable situations 

First, if you encounter the “AirDrop” while playing in Solo mode, do not approach it immediately if you are not prepared to face the surrounding enemies. Everyone wants to get the items in the “bait,” but do not rush. You will no longer survive to loot items because there will always be predators around. 

Second, you should ignore the corpses in the last round because, at this point, your equipment is also quite complete. So when going into this round, there is no need to loot items in those corpses anymore, unless your ammunition is nearly empty and things to recover blood are also no longer available. 

Because now the scope of the game has been narrowed, players can see each other very quickly, so if you have to loot, you should prioritize recovery items instead of weapons. 

6. Use headphones while playing 

You will hear more clearly the footsteps near you, and the sound in the game will be complete when you use a good pair of headphones. Especially when you are in the last round, you will locate the enemy better when you use headphones. 

7. Lying and crawling 

Lying and crawling - 8 simple, useful Garena Free Fire tips for TOP 1

With the range of the final round, all sounds and moves will easily reach the opponent’s ear or eye. That’s why you should not run around in the street but try to move as gently as possible to avoid being noticed by other enemies. 

If you know the location of the last circle, move to and lie down on a lawn or stay in the nearest house and wait, avoiding going through empty areas. You should take advantage of buildings as camouflage because you can see the enemy from the window, but they cannot see you. 

8. Always pay attention to the Mini Map 

Always pay attention to the Mini Map - 8 simple, useful Garena Free Fire tips for TOP 1

Garena Free Fire has a feature on the Mini Map that perhaps few people notice is that when the enemy shoot, it will have a red arrow appear immediately. The direction of this arrow will indicate the location of the enemy. Therefore, you should always pay attention to this feature and ambush the enemy when you are in fierce fighting. 

Above are some excellent tips when playing Garena Free Fire. You can apply them even if you are a newbie. Always use them at the right time and the right place in the battle of survival of Garena Free Fire. 

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