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PUBG tips are necessary for newbie because the game has various weapons to pick and challenging gameplay. Knowing the maps, tools of the trade, and some general PUBG tips and tricks will help you edge your way closer and closer to that esteemed Rank #1 spot.

So, whether you’re struggling to take down enemies over long distances, or you want to know which guns to look out for when looting, we’ve got you covered. To help you quickly get used to adapt to this fierce battlefield, we present you 10 best PUBG tips in the following article.

10. PUBG tips – Enable Peek&Fire mode

Perhaps for long-time players, showing a little body part when you fire will be less got shot than revealing the whole body. So, one of the important PUBG tips is that you should enable Peek & Fire in the game settings, and start practicing gradually with this mode at wall corners, or the stump for more shooting angle and visibility.  

10 Tips In PUBG Mobile To Help u Becombe A High-Class Player

9. PUBG tips – View the mini-map to see where the enemy is shooting

If you often turn off the sound while playing games, the signs appear on the mini-map, such as gunfire, vehicle traffic, etc., will help you visualize the space better. From then, you can avoid sudden deaths. 

8. PUBG tips –Use your thumb to fire 

Sometimes, use your thumb to press the fire button on the left makes it easier to fire while the right hand is adjusting the shoot range target. This is one of easy PUBG tips that you can try at the first place.

7. PUBG tips – Play with bots in the first games

PUBG Tips To Help u Becombe A High-Class Player

You had better take advantage of the first games when playing with bots to practice the missing skills. The closer you get to the end of the match, the more you will meet the survivors with more professional skills. 

6. PUBG tips – Turn on Autorun mode

To activate Autorun, you need to hold the Run button and drag upwards to lock. Now, you can have more hands free to navigate away. 

5. Use the Free-Look mode

You need to click the eye icon, then move to other directions to easily observe the surroundings. So, one of the PUBG tips here is to use Free-Look is quite useful when combined with Autorun.

  4. Play the game while charging 

Playing games while charging seems so familiar, especially for survival games like PUBG. You will never know when you will die or when the game will be over. Typically, a winning battle takes you about 30 minutes. When playing a game that consumes a lot of battery like this, probably with two games, your phone will run out of battery. so, the PUBG tips here is to make your devices always full off battery.

  3. Try playing with Gyroscope 

When this mode is turned on, you can move the shoot range target as the phone moves. If you are not familiar with this, you should turn them off because it is quite difficult to learn to master properly. 

2. Reinstall the virtual key position

These virtual keys are arranged by default for many players to use. However, you should reset them so that they can be most appropriate for you.

PUBG Tips To Help u Becombe A High-Class Player


1. Always watch your back

Of course, no one has eyes on the back to look at, even in PUBG, there is no item supporting you to track down from behind, so you have to pay attention by yourself. Sometimes unexpected deaths often come when you are careless.

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