Top 4 alternatives to CarX Street for mobiles

Recently, CarX Street has been a popular 3D racing game with great graphics. This game is full of realism and extremely high perfection to the present time. By conquering and controlling the speed, the player will experience the challenge of missions that are gradually increased with each level in the game.

The real-time game mode gives you the ability to experience with your friends through online competitions, conquering the most exciting roads and races together. At the end of each journey, gamers can collect valuable rewards to upgrade and improve the engine and vehicle appearance when achieving different ranks in CarX Street.

If you want to try more attractive racing games like CarX Street, then the list of alternatives below is for you.

Top 4 alternatives to CarX Street for mobiles

Racing Master

Racing Master- Top 4 alternatives to CarX Street for mobiles

The brand new mobile racing game that you should know is Racing Master. After a long period of silence, the game was released to beta on the Android operating system on July 13.

Racing Master is a surreal simulation racing game, with graphics that can be listed as a blockbuster on mobile. Car enthusiasts will be able to drive and customize supercars, and freely change parts by pairing through an extremely rich set of vehicle equipment. As for the gameplay, it’s surprisingly realistic. Vivid depiction through each race using the most realistic physics ever. If just relying on the player’s skills is not enough, you need to know how to coordinate with your teammates, and speed up to take advantage.

F1 Mobile Racing

Inheriting the reputation of the biggest Formula 1 racing on the planet, F1 Mobile Racing brings players tons of exciting new content. The game is highly appreciated for the quality of graphics, and the meticulousness from the design of the track to the supercars and characters. F1 Mobile Racing can be considered the best Formula 1 racing game ever released on mobile.

The game offers many options to personalize to their liking. You can customize the car’s appearance, performance, or change the engine ratio, and so on. However, the biggest drawback of F1 Mobile Racing is that the physics mechanism is quite unrealistic in the collision phase.

Ace Racer

Ace Racer- Top 4 alternatives to CarX Street for mobiles

After some time, Ace Racer has released the English version. Now, we can experience this hard-to-find mobile racing game with extreme graphics entails and high requirements for phone configuration. In this test version, Ace Racer introduces a series of maps to compete with different types of terrain. The detail and vividness are indisputable, the highlight of the design is the futuristic supercar lineup.

Although it is only a test version, NetEase has brought a massive rig that allows players to customize the car to all kinds of unique looks. You can even change the character’s costume and shape. Ace Racer offers two main game modes: automatic and manual.

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CarX Drift Racing 2

As for gamers who love the style of drifting cars full of smoke and the smell of asphalt, CarX Drift Racing 2 will be the best choice. With the return in 2022, the game has brought a series of new improvements that make players extremely excited. Modern, powerful, monumental racing cars are included in the game by the developer.

The racing map is also designed beautifully and in detail. Its gameplay is extremely addictive, your job is to complete the bend neatly while maintaining top speed. Remember that the speed of the car is not what brings victory, but the smooth cornering maneuvers on the track.

Final words

Final words- Top 4 alternatives to CarX Street for mobiles

We are witnessing the strong rise of new racing game franchises to satisfy the passion for speed. These games are scored by attractive, eye-catching graphics, diverse gameplay, and high competitiveness when allowing online racing with other players. If you are a genuine speed enthusiast, then the above 4 mobile racing game alternatives to CarX Street for mobile will be the optimal choices.

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