How to Make an Ender Portal in Minecraft: Step-by-Step Guide

Calling all Minecraft adventurers! Are you ready to unlock the mysteries of the Ender Portal and journey into The End? Discover how to make, build, and activate an end portal in Minecraft with our comprehensive guide. Learn how to create an end portal frame and navigate the steps to construct the gateway to The End. Explore creative techniques for building the end portal in both survival and creative modes. Join us as we delve into the secrets of the end portal in Minecraft and embark on an epic adventure!

Building an Ender Portal in Minecraft: A Gateway to Adventure

In the sprawling world of Minecraft, the Ender Portal serves as a bridge between familiar lands and the enigmatic dimension known as The End. Building this portal unlocks a thrilling adventure, but requires careful preparation and strategic execution.

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Understanding the Ender Portal: A Bridge to a New World

The Ender Portal stands as a majestic structure, acting as a gateway to The End, where the legendary Ender Dragon awaits challengers. Composed of intricate End Portal Frames, it requires the enigmatic Eyes of Ender to activate and unveil the mysteries beyond.

Crafting the Key: Building the Ender Portal Frame

The Ender Portal Frame serves as the gateway to the End, beckoning adventurers with the promise of epic battles and hidden treasures. To construct this monumental structure, gather the necessary components and follow the steps below:


  • 12 End Portal Frames: Crafted using Blaze Powder and Eyes of Ender.

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  • 12 Eyes of Ender: Created by combining Ender Pearls and Blaze Powder.

Assembling the Gateway: Step-by-Step Guide

1. Lay the Foundation:

Arrange 12 End Portal Frames in a rectangular formation, leaving the center empty. This creates a 4×3 grid, forming the base of the portal frame. 

2. Empowering the Frame:

Right-click on each End Portal Frame to insert an Eye of Ender. As you place each Eye, witness the portal flicker with purple particles, signifying its growing power. 

With each Eye of Ender secured, the portal frame becomes increasingly energized, pulsating with an otherworldly light. Soon, the gateway will be ready to transport you to the enigmatic dimension known as The End.

Activating the End Portal: Unlocking the Gateway to Adventure

With all twelve Eyes of Ender secured within the frames, the End Portal hums with otherworldly energy. A swirling vortex of purple particles engulfs the empty center, beckoning you forward.

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Stepping Through the Veil:

As you approach the portal’s center, take a deep breath and prepare for the unknown. Step confidently into the swirling vortex, and the world around you will dissolve into a cascade of shimmering colors.

Venturing into the End: Unfolding Wonders and Challenges

The portal deposits you in a barren, desolate landscape, a stark contrast to the familiar world you left behind. The End awaits, shrouded in mystery and danger. Here, you’ll face the formidable Ender Dragon, the guardian of this realm, and discover the secrets held within its floating islands and End Cities.

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Deeper Description:

  1. Stepping through the portal:
  • Feel the surge of energy wash over you as you step through the portal.
  • The swirling vortex engulfs you, disorienting you with its intensity.
  • Hear the roar of the Ender Dragon and the howling of the End.
  1. Exploring The End:
  • Gaze up at the obsidian towers reaching into the dark sky.
  • Observe the strange, purple plants that dot the landscape.
  • Be wary of the Endermen that lurk in the shadows.

Advice for Players:

  1. Prepare thoroughly:
  • Stock up on potions, food, and weapons.
  • Enchant your armor and tools.
  • Bring a friend or two for backup.

2. Battle the Ender Dragon:

  • Learn its attack patterns and weaknesses.
  • Use your resources wisely.
  • Stay alert and don’t give up.

3. Explore The End Cities:

  • Locate the End City portal using the End Gateway.
  • Battle the Endermen and other hostile mobs.
  • Loot the End City for valuable treasures.

Your journey to The End is fraught with peril, but the rewards are great. With courage, preparation, and a bit of luck, you may emerge victorious and claim the treasures of The End.

Tips for Success: Conquering the End

Confronting the Dangers:

Venturing into The End is no small feat. This desolate realm, shrouded in perpetual twilight, presents a harsh environment teeming with dangers. To navigate its challenges and emerge victorious, meticulous preparation and a keen understanding of your adversaries are paramount.

Packing for the Peril:

  1. Essential Supplies:
  • Weapons: Equip yourself with powerful weapons like enchanted swords and bows to effectively combat the lurking threats.

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  • Armor: Don sturdy armor, preferably enchanted with defensive enchantments like Protection and Blast Protection, to shield yourself from enemy attacks.

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  • Food: Pack a generous amount of nutritious food to replenish your health during your exploration and battles. Consider high-quality food sources like steak or golden apples for optimal sustenance.


2. Additional Considerations:

  • Potions: Brewing a variety of potions, like Healing Potions, Strength Potions, and Swiftness Potions, can significantly enhance your chances of success.

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  • Ender Pearls: Carry a stack of Ender Pearls to strategically teleport yourself out of danger or navigate treacherous terrain.

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Strategic Respawn Points:

While venturing into The End, strategically placing beds near the portal creates crucial respawn points. In the event of unfortunate demise, you can revive closer to the action, minimizing the time spent traversing back from the Overworld.

Facing the Endermen:

The End is not bereft of life, however, the inhabitants are far from friendly. Endermen, tall, slender creatures with purple eyes and black bodies, prowl these desolate lands. They teleport at will, making them unpredictable adversaries. To combat them effectively, maintain eye contact, as they become aggressive if you look directly at them. Utilize ranged attacks like arrows to dispatch them efficiently.

Remember: By meticulously preparing for the harsh environment and strategically engaging with your adversaries, you can overcome the challenges of The End and claim your rightful victory.

Conclusion: Your Journey Begins

Congratulations, adventurer! You’ve constructed and activated the Ender Portal, unlocking access to The End and its captivating challenges. Embrace the thrill of exploration, conquer the Ender Dragon, and uncover the secrets that lie within this enigmatic realm.

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