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Minecraft is a game released by Mojang video game development with the content of arranging the blocks to continue the adventure. It is well known in the industry game for two popular names: Minecraft PE (or Pocket Edition) and Minecraft PC.

Minecraft is a survival game genre and everything in this game takes place in a very attractive zombie world. You will play the role of Steve character and be put into a square world with various alien creatures. In that context, you just have to cut down the trees, dig the rocks, and do everything you can to survive and grow.

How to download free Minecraft APK

It is very simple. To download Minecraft game on android/iOS, simply click on the link above the article. After downloading, proceed with the installation as usual.

How to install the game

To install Minecraft Java Edition/Computer Edition on PC, you need to install the Android emulator software through the cross-platform play, such as Bluestacks, Droid4x, etc.

Similarly, to install Minecraft for Macbook, you need to install an iPad emulator on that Mac, iPadian.

After that, you can download Minecraft and install it normally.

Guide to playing Minecraft 2020 for the beginners

When you start playing Minecraft, you need to create the new world and choose 1 of 3 game modes:

1. Survival mode: Searching for resource, creating, improving the level, increasing the vitality, and seeking food to survive.

2. Super tough game mode: Like survival mode, but you have only one life.

3. Creative game mode: Unlimited resources, you can fly freely, and break the blocks.

Overview of the storage box

  •  4 vertical cells on the side of the character are to wear the clothes and help you improve the protection like hats, shirts, pants, shoes, etc.
  • 4 cells [2×2] is the manufacturing area, you can only make some normal items, and 1 next box for containing the product that you have.
  • The last 9 horizontal cells are the place to store the items that you need to use.

What do the players need to do when they start playing Minecraft

Minecraft trident

Minecraft trident

The first thing you need to do when starting the game is to collect logs to make tools. You should go near a tree, point to the trunk, and hold the left mouse button to break each block. After it is finished, it will drop the small block, and then you pick it up and keep doing so until you have about 10 blocks.

Next, you put these blocks into the manufacturing area. For each block, you will receive 4 wooden planks. You pull them into your inventory and make them in ways like 2×2, 3×3, etc. to create objects such as sticks, tables, chairs, axes, trident, etc.

After that, you need to collect some additional items such as pebbles, wood, and soil to build houses for temporary accommodation when night falls. For the reason that in the dark night, the monsters will appear and attack you. It is important that you should be careful not to die because if you pass away, you will lose all experience and gains on yourself.

At this point, you have to find a way to make a fire because it will help you light up the dark night. And more importantly, monsters and granny grandmother are very afraid of fire. There are numerous ways you can create fire such as breaking a rocky mountain, collecting stones, making a furnace, burning a piece of raw wood into charcoal, combining it with wooden sticks to make the torch.

What’s more?

You can also use collected blocks to build doors. After that, you can close the gate to prevent the monsters from entering your home.

You should look for the sheep around your house, kill the sheep with a sword, and take 3 wool threads to make a bed, put it in the house. When the night is covering the whole of the site, you just need to right-click on the bed, wait for a moment of daytime immediately.

So, you have finished working day in Minecraft. Let’s continue the process of struggling to survive along with the available raw materials around you.

Recently, There are a lot of new survival games in the market, such as Fortnite, PUBG, Rules of Surival, etc. Although they have created a huge attraction for many players, they are very difficult to overcome Minecraft and the MineCon 2019.

Wish you had a lot of fun and relaxing moments in your life with this exciting game.

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