How to Use Lucky Patcher on Android

APKAFE today will guide you on how to use Lucky Patcher on Android phones. Lucky Patcher allows us to tweak apps to remove license verification, Google Ads (Google Ads), change permissions, install patches and create custom APK files. You need to use an Android device that has been rooted for root intervention to be able to modify apps on your phone using Lucky Patcher

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Method: Remove license verification

1. Root Android device. You need to use a rooted Android device to be able to modify apps on your phone using Lucky Patcher. The rooting process will vary by Android device, but this operation is potentially harmful to the phone and is out of warranty. Be extremely cautious and follow the most updated instructions for your particular phone.

2. Open Lucky Patcher. App has yellow smileys. Lucky Patcher will open with a list of installed apps on your phone.

3. Tap an app. This is the application for which you want to remove license verification. A menu of different options will appear.

4. Click Menu of Patches. A list of patches that can be installed for the application will appear.

5. Click Remove License Verification. A menu of different patches to remove license verification will appear.

6. Tap the patch you want to use. Next to the different patches is the checkbox. Click the check box to select the patch you want to use.

7. Click Apply. The application patching process to remove license verification will start and take a few minutes.

8. Click OK. If the patch works, you will see a success screen with the results displayed. Please press “Ok” to continue.

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