If you want to temporarily put aside all the busy work in the noisy city to come to happy and relaxing days of farming, explore Farming Simulator 20. Vast rice fields, herbs Green fields, mischievous horses, and modern machines to harvest crops are what you will find in the game.

About Farming Simulator 20

About Farming Simulator 20-Farming Simulator 20

Farming Simulator 20 is a simulation game about farming life published by Giants Software. This game will help players experience the daily life of a true farmer when performing tasks, such as planting and taking care of crops on their farms, along with using modern machines to plan crops. The higher the level, the more new trees and machines you can unlock.

Farming Simulator 20 possesses lifelike quality, detailed graphics, making players feel like they really entered a miniature world. In the game, you can also comfortably drive on the roads to see the nice sights you like.

The gameplay

The gameplay-Farming Simulator 20

In Farming Simulator 20, you will play as a farmer working on a farm in North America. He needs to cultivate, sow, plant, take care of plants, improve the land, and sell agricultural products to make a profit. In order to have a good harvest, they worked very hard every day and always observed the change of weather.

The main working steps in the game:

  • Plow: The player needs to prepare the soil the first time he uses it. Before that, check the crop requirements to see if you should use a hand plow or a machine plow.
  • Cultivate: After harvesting crops, the player needs to plow the soil to prepare for sowing. This is usually the first step, depending on whether plowing is necessary.
  • Plant: When the seeder is attached to the tractor, people can choose the type of crop they want to plant.
  • Fertilizate: If the yield is increased and the crop quality is improved, the player should fertilize with additional nutrients.
  • Eliminate grass: Grass appears between crops, causing plants to grow poorly. If the plants are young, grass removers can be used, but if they are large, you have to use chemicals.
  • Spread lime: After several harvests, the soil begins to degrade and conventional fertilizers are no longer effective. This is the time to spread lime on the soil for support.
  • Harvest: Use a nearby trailer to transport crops when the harvester is full.
  • Sell ​​or store produce: Choose between selling products or storing them.
  • Remove wilted crops: If harvested too late, the crop will wither, become unusable, and need tilling.
  • Buy land: As soon as your business develops and finances are getting better, consider buying more land. You will be able to grow and harvest more crops.
  • Raise more animals: There are quite a few types of animals to raise; like cows for meat and milk, sheep for meat and fur, and dogs for protecting the farm from thieves and wolves.

Other highlights of Farming Simulator 20

Other highlights of Farming Simulator 20-Farming Simulator 20


Realistic, detailed graphics is what you easily note when playing the game. Although its world is large, the image is still cared for in detail.

A huge range of vehicles

Farming Simulator 20 has a variety of vehicles, from separators to tractors. It will take you a long time to experience all those.

Various kinds of animal

Players are exposed to countless pets, which any animal is valuable if you know how to take care of them effectively. Farming is no different than you are doing business like any other profession. Make reasonable calculations to have the highest income.


Rewards-Farming Simulator 20

Besides mission rewards, you can also get bonuses and daily rewards like cars or crops you can’t buy. As long as skillfully completing the task, you will surely receive with a large amount of resources.

Career mode

Career mode is the main mode in the game where you can freely explore and develop your farm. In addition, the game also has an in-depth mission system for you; for example, complete tasks such as mowing, harvesting, or delivering in the required amount of time.

What we like

  • Choose between over 100 realistic vehicles and farming machines
  • Raise animals, like cow and sheep for more products.
  • Plant and harvest different crops: Wheat, barley, oat, canola, sunflowers, soybean, corn, potatoes, sugar beet, cotton, etc.
  • Ride horses freely around your farm
  • Enjoy 3D graphics with the background of Northern American environment
  • Use cockpit view for more realistic way than before
  • Single-player or Multiple-player

What to consider

  • Not compatible with many devices, as you need at least 3GB of RAM to purchase and download
  • No free trial

How to download Farming Simulator 20 game

How to download Farming Simulator 20 game-Farming Simulator 20

Farming Simulator 20 are availble on Google Play and Apple Store at $ 5,99. You can access the link we provide above this article for quickly downloading Farming Simulator 20 for your Android or iOS devices.

Step 1: Download Farming Simulator 20 from Google Play Store or AppStore

Step 2: Open the app and click “Next” to access the permission page.

Step 3: Wait for the app to install.

Step 4: When the installation is complete, open and enjoy the game!


Farming Simulator 20 is increasingly famous among gaming community for its fun farming experience. Owning a large farm with modern electric cars and vast fields of crop might be the dream of many people, so download Farming Simulator 20 now and live with your dream!

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