Into the Dead 2: Zombie Survival is an action game developed by PIKPOK

Into The Dead 2
Into The Dead 2

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Product Description

With the combination of Endless Runner and FPS genre, Into the Dead soon created a frantic storm sweeping through the game village five years ago. Now after a long time of hiding, Into the Dead has officially returned and brought many ghosts and corpses to knock on the door of mobile. The Into the Dead 2 release date is on August 28, 2017 and it is also available on the app store of Android and iOS operating systems. 

Into the Dead 2 gameplay becomes more interesting. It brings gamers to the role of a truck driver, James. He is trying to return to his family after getting information that the Zombie pandemic is booming around the world. But on the way, James’s truck suddenly got into trouble and made him run for a long way to return home. With a long road full of blood-thirsty ghosts, James will have to do everything to promptly return home to his dear sister and dying father. 

Highlights of the Into the Dead 2: Zombie survival game

– Develop a story creatively and create many different endings: Complete 7 action chapters, 60 stages and hundreds of “tough” challenges. 

– Powerful weapons and ammunition: Unlock, upgrade sharp weapons like firearms, explosives, and more. 

– Diverse gameplay: Fire from the military arsenal, kill the living corpses from your vehicles, stab them to survive or risk walking behind them. 

– Wide range of harsh environments: Explore various locations such as oilfield areas, military bases, campsites, rural areas, etc. 

– The threat of ghosts does not stop increasing: Must change tactics flexibly to destroy all the different zombie waves including running corpses of armoured vehicles. 

– Many daily events and special events: Use your skilful shooting ability to win unique prizes. 

– Loyal companion dogs: Fight off ghosts and protect the safety of players. 

How to download and install Into the Dead 2 APK

To download the game, you can click on the links at the top of this article or access Google Play for the Android operating system and App Store for iOS. Then, search for the game, download, and install it as usual. 


– Into the Dead 2 for the Android and iOS operating systems is completely free to play but the game contains a few items that you have to buy with real money. 

– You must obtain this game for permission to edit, delete and read content on USB when you want to connect to the game expansion file. 

 apkafe - into the dead 2 walkthrough

Into the dead 2 walkthrough

 Into the Dead 2 cheats and guides

  1. Upgrade your equipment

You have to pick up new weapons. Or, you can update the old ones to keep you safe as things get tougher.

2. Don’t use up all your Ammo

Even though there are many zoombies to kill, you main goal is to survive. If you are low in Ammo, don’t waste anymore. You always can come back and replay to get more stars.

3. Use a knife instead

Besides guns, you can also find knifes in the crates. This will be a useful weapon for you to beat the zombies when got caught without ammo.

4. Go for daily trials

Into the Dead 2 provides you various daily trials to achieve. If you are successful, you can get rewards for those tasks.

5. How to unlock new weapons

Completing chapters will give you blue prints, which help you easily to collect parts of weapons.

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1 review for Into The Dead 2

  1. Norman Holt
    5 out of 5

    The 1st game was kinda a part of my childhood but this game is awesome, not to mention the ads are optional! You use ads to open more crates or to get more rewards. The only things that annoys me is that there’s a limit on how much you can play, but everything else is awesome, the story the everything is awesome It would be kinda cool if in the next game you can have a base, and walk around in a top-down view, where you can scavenge for food and craft in there, also care for your survivors

    Into The Dead 2 Into The Dead 2

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