Metal Soldiers 2 combines the adrenaline of platform-style games with the action of 2d shooters.

Metal Soldiers 2
Metal Soldiers 2

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Android 4.1+
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Product Description

Metal Soldiers 2 is a good action game for Android from the Play365 publisher. In the game, you will play the role of a brave soldier, overcome all 15 arduous tasks to shoot down enemies, even blow up enemy’s tanks and planes. 



The Metal Soldiers 2 combined with attractive 2D shooting platform on Android

If you are passionate about shooting action, then Metal Soldiers 2 APK will be a game that you can’t ignore. It is a combination of an attractive platform style and 2D shooting action. In this playground, players will be playing the role of a fearless soldier who always moves forward. That’s why he was called a metal soldier. He has to deal with many opponents and must wipe out those who stand in the way. Initially, you will only be given a simple shotgun with low firepower, but then it will upgrade to more powerful weapons.

Step into fierce battles with 15 challenging missions

Get ready for stressful matches that take place in many different locations of this Android game. Take the hero through each level, jump to different areas, try to discover the enemies, and destroy them before they can manage. More specifically, users can control tanks, robots, and other advanced combat vehicles. Use the arrow keys with four directions in the left corner of the screen to control the character to move around. Also use the function buttons, including jumping, shooting, and throwing grenades in the right corner of the screen to destroy the enemy. 

metal soldiers 2 - 2 

Control giant robots with high power

During 15 challenging missions, sometimes players will be put into a fierce tank battle, facing a powerful giant machine or a rebel force’s combat helicopter. Be careful because rebels have equipped some new equipment with tremendous destructive power. Join the tank battle right away, destroy enemy’s aircraft with air-to-air missiles, and kill all enemies in this awesome shooting game. 

metal soldiers 2 - 3

Transform yourself into a brave soldier and keep moving forward

The outstanding features of the Metal Soldiers 2 APK shooting game for Android 

  • Many new modes and tasks.
  • Using MS2 vehicles.
  • The battle against the enemy’s tanks, cars, and military machines. 
  • Many different characters.
  • There are countless enemies to fight. 
  • Weapons are in the classic models.
  • Collect bullets, guns, weapons, grenades to become great heroes in Metal Soldier.
  • Each mission has a different specific goal. 
  • Fight continuously to get high scores.
  • Amazingly attractive gameplay. 
  • Beautiful graphics with lively, fun, and authentic music.

How to download Metal Soldiers 2 APK 

You can click the link above the page to download and install the game to your Android devices.  Metal Soldiers 2 APK is quite light in size and is provided free of charge. Download this game immediately. Get involved in the battle of Metal Slug style and relive your tough childhood! 






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  1. Shaun Baker
    5 out of 5

    This is a very good game and the graphics is also awesome you should download this this !!!! The best thing is this the 25 mb onlyyyyywith superb graphics!!!!!!!

    Metal Soldiers 2 Metal Soldiers 2

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