Imagine Guitar Hero but for piano. You’ve now got an idea of how Piano Tiles 2 works. This is a pretty addictive music game for Android that challenges you to play some of the world’s best ever piano classics by tapping the titles on the screen as they fly past you. 

Through each level, the songs will become progressively more difficult. The tiles will speed faster and faster. Therefore, you have to have some pretty epic hand to eye coordination to be able to hit them all in time. 

Why Piano Tiles 2?

If you’re a fan of music games like Guitar Hero, or if you just want a new challenge that doesn’t require much effort but that becomes increasingly difficult, then this is a great game for you. Piano Tiles 2 is designed in a very simple way. It looks great because it doesn’t need to be complex to achieve what it sets out to do. 

There really isn’t much to it. You simply tap the tiles as they fall down from the top of the screen. Sometimes you’ll have to hold some of the tiles to get longer notes. Sometimes you’ll have to repeatedly bash them to get those crazy jazzy notes. 

For those who frequently play Android games, the whole concept behind Piano Tiles 2 APK will appear familiar. This is a really fun game to play not only because you’re so focussed on it, but also because of the relaxing piano music you’ll be creating. Once you get into a state of flow, your music will sound beautiful.

To be fair, this piano game is really doing anything new. The whole concept is exactly the same as Guitar Hero. Only you can play it on your phone without a toy instrument around with you. 

Best Features of Piano Tiles 2 APK for Android

TUNES: The songs you’ll find in Piano Tiles 2 are good enough to keep you entertained while playing the game. From Mozart to Alan Walker, there’s an impressive list of piano songs ranging from classical music to modern pop ballads.

SIMPLE: The graphics are cute and friendly. All you have is the background with the black and white tiles falling down from the top of the screen. The gameplay is just as simple. You just have to tap the black tiles and avoid the white ones. If a tile has a symbol on it then you’ll have to hold it to get that note out. Or, maybe you’ll need to bash some of the tiles over and over again to show off your speed.

COMPETE: Challenge yourself to beat your last high score, or try to beat the world record high score. You can compete against players from around the world, too. There’s a lot of room to do so in Piano Tiles 2.

SOUND: What would a music game be without decent sound effects? The sound quality in Piano Tiles 2 apk is high-quality, which makes playing the game all the more satisfying. You’ll obviously notice when you miss a tile because the music will jog. So, the better you get at hitting those tiles, the more you can enjoy the great quality of the sound in the games.

SHARE: You can share your progress on social media sites – especially Facebook – to show off your skills and challenge your friends to try and beat your best score. This is a great way to make the game more excited and has contributed a lot to its rising popularity. 

How to download Piano Tiles 2 APK for free

So, if you’re sold on this quirky music game and want to challenge your friends to beat you, then simply press the download button at the top of this page. You’ll be taken to the Google Play Store where you can install it for free with no hassle. 

This is one of the best music games on Android. It’s famous for offering simple and fun gameplay, as well as keeping the song library updated. Try it out today! Maybe you could be the next Yiruma. Who knows? 


If you love playing music and you want to practice your coordination skills, then try out Piano Tiles 2 for Android now. You can play the game when you’re on the go and challenge other players from around the world to get the best high score. 


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