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Recently, the “Popcorn Time movie-watching app” is a keyword that is frequently searched on Google and Netflix. This is a great movie viewer application using torrent technology. For that reason, the movie loading speed for watching or downloading is extremely fast.

Let’s learn a bit about torrent

Torrent is a P2P network (peer to peer, i.e. many people connect directly to each other to share files). It is used to exchange data such as Movie, Games, Software, Anime, etc. and some large files.

The heart of a torrent is a tracker or a home network that keeps track of your download/upload process. The tracker will retrieve your IP number and send it to other computers so they can download your existing file. Conversely, you will also get IP information of other computers so you can download the files you want.

While downloading, you will connect to the tracker to get the IP of a seeder (the computer is providing the file) and load the file to your computer. In order to keep the connection maintained and ensure the download speed, you will automatically become a seeder and transfer the data you receive to others.

And it is great that at the moment, Popcorn Time application is using torrent to provide the best picture and the movie download service for all of users.

The outstanding features of Popcorn Time APK

1. Watch movies and download movies for free

Popcorn Time is constantly searching and synthesizing movies, TV shows, videos from the famous websites to provide free for its users.

2. Very good video quality

Surely, you will be able to watch the high quality videos in HD standard on Popcorn Time application. Best of all, these videos have full subtitles for most languages.

3. Speed of loading is very fast

Thanks to the advantages of torrent, videos of Popcorn Time are loaded so quickly. Therefore, if your Internet connection is stable, you are assured that there will be no interruption when you are watching the online video on Popcorn Time.

4. Can watch and download videos simultaneously

When viewing a video, if you evaluate it is good, you can download it right now. In addition, you can both watch videos and download multiple videos at the same time.

Instructions for installing Popcorn Time Apk

Download Popcorn Time at the link above this article including Popcorn Time for android, Popcorn Time for iOS, and Popcorn Time for Mac. However, Popcorn Time is currently not available on the App Store, so in order to install it, you need to enable the “Allow application installation from unknown sources.” Then you can now install it as usual.

How to watch movies on Popcorn Time Apk

Simply select a movie to watch, but if you don’t know which movie to choose, you can go to the website (a very reputable movie rating website), then you choose “WATCH IT NOW” to watch this movie.

If this is your first time to watch this movie, please wait a minute for the app to download the movie for you. When you open this application at first, it will take 1 to 2 minutes or longer (being dependent on the network speed and if the movie has the higher number of seeders, it will load faster). Next, select “Continue.” Then you wait a bit for the movie to load. The download speed will increase gradually until it reaches the maximum level of your Internet speed. Certainly, you can buy VPN packages with higher speed.

After downloading 100%, the movie will be played soon after. Although the notification is 100%, it actually only downloads the first part of the movie, but has not fully downloaded the movie, and while you watch it, it will be still download.

Next, you should select the available subtitle corresponding to your language. If you have a subtitle, you can add it to the movie by selecting “Custom Subtitle.”

How to download movies from Popcorn Time Apk

It’s convenient that with the Popcorn Time app, you can download your favorite movies and save them to your hard drive so you can take a look later. First, select the movie you want to download, and then select “Download.” After that, select “Continue”, press “Open” to unlock the download process.

Again, you can download multiple films and watch movie at once.

Wish you had exciting and rewarding entertainment hours with the online movie-watching application Popcorn Time.

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