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Spotify is the world’s largest online listening application. It owns a greater number of 30 million songs with more than 190 million users in 65 countries and these figures are constantly expanding. 

Currently, Spotify has two versions are Spotify Free (you can still listen to music normally, but after 30 seconds, advertisement will appear) and Spotify Premium for $0.99 with some good points like listening to music without being bothered by advertisement, optionally choose the songs on mobile applications, download music to listen offline, better sound quality (up to 320 Kbps), etc. 

Apart from the PC genre, this application currently has other versions for mobile devices such as Spotify for Windows Phone, Spotify for iOS, Spotify for Android. You can log in your Spotify account on your smartphone and listen to music online or offline according to your desire. 

The Spotify’s marvelous features 

Support Playlists 

You can create a new playlist in a very modest way. Then, this list will be saved to your Spotify account so that you can be entertained by music wherever you are. 

Share music 

You can distribute songs and playlist with your friends and your relatives easily. 

Support for music searching 

When you enter words in the searching bar, Spotify will have thousands of songs and album results. I promise you can find any song on Spotify. 

Assistant to Top Lists characteristic 

Spotify will remember the number of times you’ve listened to recently and offer the score based on well-liked ranking right next to each song. 

Purchase songs online 

If you were fond of a song or album, you can download it rapidly by use of Spotify as an mp3 file. 

Give help to the Spotify library 

Spotify supports a library containing all of your huge number of songs. 

Provide the singer/songwriter profile 

Spotify will give you the information about upmost singers, musicians and that are all taken from the prestigious All Music Guide website. 

Listen to music from radio channels 

Listening directly from the radio channels will give you a chance to learn the kind of music of the modern artists. 

Introduce related artists 

Every time you listen to a song by a successful artist, then next to that song will appear on a list of contemporary young artists. This is a mean to expand your music enjoyment. 

Connect with Facebook 

You can import your friend list directly from Facebook to Spotify to see what kind of music your friends are listening to and you can share any song that you want. 

How to register and use the Spotify Premium APK 

Step 1: To be able to use Spotify Premium, you need to have an international debit card, Visa Debit or MasterCard. 

Step 2: Download Spotify in the link for the operating system (Android/iOS) at the top of this article. 

Step 3: Open Spotify, transfer to Premium and proceed with the payment. You must enter the card serial number, expiration date, and security code (CVV). After payment is completed, you are free to utilize Spotify Premium. Good news for you, you can use it without charge for the first month. 

How to cancel the Spotify Premium app 

First, you need to access the link and log in to your Spotify account. Here, the system will display some information including the service package that you are using, the expiration date, and a list of payment methods that are associated with your account. 

After 30 days of trying the Premium package, Spotify will automatically renew and ask in payment of a monthly fee of VND 59,000. If you no longer need to use this Premium package, you will cancel it before the system automatically renews to avoid being charged. 

If you do not want to use this application and want to cancel its auto-renewal feature, select “Change or cancel” and choose “Premium Cancellation.” 

When receiving the system’s confirmation request, select “Yes, cancel” to disable the automatic renewal. You can continue to use Spotify Premium until the registration deadline has expired. 

I just have to really say that Spotify is the king of music applications. If you install Spotify, then the disc/CD-DVD player for listening to music at home will not need to be used anymore. 


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