Why should we not use the Instagram follower tracking app?

Many popular Instagram follower apps on the App Store and Google Play Store help users see who unfollowed them effortlessly or even display a list of people they follow but don’t follow back. However, these apps are only sometimes reliable or safe to download.

If you are thinking of downloading one of these apps or have already downloaded one, refer to the following information and think twice about using them!

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Why should we not use the Instagram follower tracking app?

One of the biggest problems with these apps concerns security. These apps require you to pass on your Instagram username and password to a third party, which means your password is no longer secure. When your password is no longer secure, the chances of it being hacked are higher. You may have seen friends or acquaintances on Instagram getting hacked before. Most of the time hackers will ask your friends for money or send them a link, which can lead to them being hacked as well.

Sometimes, getting hacked means you have to create a new Instagram account and you will lose all your followers. To prevent these from happening, avoid giving out your password to any third parties.

Furthermore, due to previous changes in Instagram’s API, these follower-tracking apps may not even be trusted. This means that in addition to the potential security issues, downloading an app can also cause problems. This means you will likely lose your password easily.

What to do if you have downloaded a follower tracking app?

If you’ve downloaded an Instagram follower-tracking app, there’s still something you can do to prevent your account from being hacked.

The first thing you should do is disconnect from the app and delete it. Once your account is disconnected, the app will no longer be able to get your information. However, your password may still be stored somewhere else. After you disconnect, change your password as well. The last thing to do is turn on two-factor authentication, which means you’ll get a code sent to your phone or email when Instagram doesn’t recognize tries to sign in. This will make it harder for potential hackers to break into your account.

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So, how to keep tracking Instagram followers?

If you want to know whether someone you follow isn’t following you back, you just need to do it traditionally – visit their page to check. Although this can take a long time, it is the only way to guarantee that you will not be attacked. Additionally, the activity is also real-time and extremely accurate.

You can also upgrade to a Pro account, which will show you basic follow/unfollow stats. Either way, avoid using these apps as they are unsafe or unreliable.

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