10 great Marvel Snap tips that few people know

As a tactical card game, Marvel Snap strongly focuses on strategic gameplay and deck-building mechanics, in addition to the SNAP feature, which can make new players feel overwhelmed by the the massiveness of the game.

So, in this article, let’s learn 10 essential playing tips for new Marvel Snap players to help you build a strong deck and get off to a good start!

10 great Marvel Snap tips

1. Build combos

Marvel Snap has a relatively small number of cards per deck – 12. This means that gamers can draw their card combos more often, allowing them to reliably build decks around them. Players should build their deck around 1-2 combos to promote the synergy of all cards.

Build combos- 10 great Marvel Snap tips that few people know

2. Play slowly

Marvel Snap is a fast-paced card game, but spending time on it really pays off. While it’s easy to get through 6 rounds and play cards on auto, consider playing with auto-off. Placing cards strategically allows the player to act in time if a strong position is revealed or the opponent goes all out in one position.

3. Anticipate the opponent’s plan

With all 12 cards in a deck, it’s easy to determine what strategy your opponent is using. Watch out for important cards that will reveal your opponent’s plans. If the player can predict what the enemy will do, the player can devise a counterstrategy before the opponent has time to execute.

4. Location is important

There are three locations in a match and only one location information at the start. This can dramatically change the game depending on which slot is revealed. Sometimes, it’s best to play a card on an unexplored spot before it flips and activates the effect.

Location is important- 10 great Marvel Snap tips that few people know

5. Build multiple decks

Gamers can own multiple decks in Marvel Snap, and with decks made up of 12 cards, there are many different combinations. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different builds and combinations. The essence of the game is to quickly recover blocks lost in a few matches.

6. Complete quests and map upgrades

One of the most important things you can do is complete quests and upgrade your map. Quests will yield valuable rewards that can be used to upgrade cards. This increases the collection level and rewards more cards and boosters.

Complete quests and map upgrades- 10 great Marvel Snap tips that few people know

7. Avoid cards that generate random effects

There are many things that happen in a Marvel Snap level and not all of them can be planned. If something is out of control will catch the player off guard. Either way, gamers can reduce the risk of this happening by avoiding cards that generate random effects.

Cards with random effects can be great, but the opposite is still possible. Having a deck that consistently generates what you want is the best way to compensate for the inherent randomness of the game.

8. Use the location ability

Each position on the board has a unique ability to change the outcome of a game. While the cards in the deck determine a player’s overall strategy, knowing how to use position to your advantage in a given match makes the difference between victory and defeat.

When a new position is revealed, consider how its presence could change the outcome of the match. It can give gamers options not available before or require rethinking their tactics in the next turn.

Use the location ability- 10 great Marvel Snap tips that few people know

9. The order of playing cards is important

The cards are dealt in the order in which they were played. If you need to make sure a certain skill hits a certain card, play them in the correct order. In most cases, this is quite simple, but there are some more complicated cases that players need to pay attention to. For example, if an effect like Lemuria delays the reveal of a card until the next turn, that card will deal first when the time comes because it was played earliest.

10. Play the first card on the right

It can be a risky proposition to play cards in an uncharted position, but the gamer can do so favorably from the very first turn. Playing the first card on the far right gives every player an early lead, and doing this often will benefit yourself.

Another reason to play the right card on turn one is Rocket Raccoon, a fairly popular open play. Like the other Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket gains a bonus if your opponent plays a card to the same position as it during the revealed turn. Most players start with cards on the left or center, so by playing on the right, everyone has a chance to block this bonus from their opponents.

Hopefully the tips above will help gamers when playing Marvel Snap. And now, let’s download Marvel Snap and experience it right away!

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