About Viber Android APK

 Viber Android supports users to chat, make free phone calls on their Android devices. Viber Android helps you chat with your relatives and friends more easily. 

Millions of people around the world currently trust Viber with a lot of convenient communication functions such as messaging, calling, video calling, sharing images, etc. Like other chat applications on other phones, friends on Viber will synchronize with the mobile contact list automatically. It can detect the contacts already have Viber on your device. Therefore, every time you make a call, you have the option of calling normally or using Viber.

The outstanding advantages of Viber Android

Viber Android has the advantages that some other mobile messaging apps do not have. No account registration required, no additional costs, helping manage call and message history. On the other hand, the HD sound quality in Viber when calling is extremely as clear as on the phone and receiving multiple messages simultaneously. 

The new version of Viber also supports users to play many exciting games. There are also exclusive games only in Viber. 

It not only allows users to download more than 1000 new stickers from Sticker Market but also adds the option to send audio messages and quickly-answer function. Besides, you can send up to 10 images at the same time and create a voice group with hundreds of members. Additionally, Viber is also integrated with the Android OS to support sharing photos and videos directly from the photo library. 

You only need a WiFi or 3G connection to make free calls and chat with friends on Viber with HD audio quality, between Android devices or between Android and Windows. The Instant Hold and Talk tool let you send audio messages and allows others to hear what you say. The quick reply function of this tool helps to send reply messages almost immediately.

What’s else?

 Viber Android allows you to create group calls with the number of participants up to dozens, enabling you to contact people with similar interests or expand friends with unlimited distances. This application integrates hundreds of images and emoticons to help you insert into messages to make the conversation more intimate and fun.

Like Zalo, Viber supports notification of missed calls or offline messages as soon as you turn off the app. One advantage of this utility is that it helps transfer calls directly on Android and Windows or Mac OS with Viber. 

  The contact list of this OTT application will also be synchronized with your phone contacts, so every time someone uses Viber, the app will notify you. Thus, when using Zalo on Android, you can also perform the same function. 

  Viber is supported in many languages such as Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Malay, etc. 

Main features of Viber: 

– Text and make calls on Android devices 

– HD sound quality 

– Create group conversations with hundreds of members 

– Share locations and files from the device’s library 

– Insert the sticker into the message 

– Manage call history, missed call notifications 

– Synchronize the Viber list with phone contacts. 

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