Tips gamers need to know when playing FIFA Mobile 23

FIFA Mobile 23 is the latest installment in the popular FIFA football game series, which has added a host of new features to give players exciting matches. If you’re a new player or are new to this latest installment, check out these FIFA Mobile 23 tips that will take your skills from amateur to world-class in no time.

Best FIFA Mobile 23 tips for players

Perform Power Shot

Over the years, EA has tweaked how the shot works in its FIFA games. In FIFA 23, a new shooting tool called Power Shot can be a deadly weapon to take down the opposing team.

Perform Power Shot- Tips gamers need to know when playing FIFA Mobile 23

These shots give players more power and accuracy when hitting the target. The drawback is that they take longer to execute and require more precision when aiming. However, if mastered, they can make all the difference. Since they are a new feature, players need to learn to use them properly if just starting out. Players using Power Shot will have an additional advantage when attacking.

Use the available lineups

When new to FIFA, it can feel a bit overwhelming to try changing their tactical setup midway through a match. But people do not need to worry too much about switching positions and roles of players because FIFA has provided the match plans.

Use the available lineups-Tips gamers need to know when playing FIFA Mobile 23

These plans determine how the team will play in the game, including focusing on attacking, pushing everyone forward to try to score, or trying to defend the goal. Players can define their squad from Team Management, with various modes such as Ultimate Team, Career, etc.

Practice at Training Centre

Don’t forget to use the Training Centre to hone your skills in the game. The mode is divided into chapters, each with a beginner goal to achieve, which is enhanced and more challenging as you progress. For example, the tasks in the first game are to complete 15 ground passes and 2 stand-ups, trying to make 3 good shots. During the match, the player can see the remaining missions to complete to see how he is doing.

Practice at Training Centre- Tips gamers need to know when playing FIFA Mobile 23

After each match, everyone gets personalized feedback on how they can improve based on their performance. Players get a complete picture of how they’re playing, rather than just seeing if predefined goals are being achieved.

Focus on dead ball situations

EA wanted to make free kicks, corners, and penalties more intuitive and closer to real-life opponents. To that end, dead ball situations got a major overhaul this year. When it comes to free kicks, there is a new circle that will expand and shrink around the ball before the player hits the ball. This is the round of keeping the penalty taker’s composure, timing the shot just right, giving the shot more power and accuracy, and making saves harder.

Focus on dead ball situations- FIFA Mobile 23 Tips gamers need to know when playing FIFA Mobile 23

You can now adjust the player’s shot angle with the left lever. Meanwhile, the lever must control a small box behind the ball to determine the curvature, pattern, and height of the shot. There is also a trajectory line that shows where the ball will go in its first few yards.

Thus, Apkafe has just shared good tips for you to pay attention to when playing FIFA Mobile 2023 version. Wish you have hours of relaxing gaming!

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