Best Online Multiplayer Games to Download on Steam in 2019

With all the online games on the market now, it can be difficult to find a great multiplayer one to enjoy with your friends. There are tons of multiplayer titles on Steam, which cover various genres, worlds, and styles of gameplay. In this article, we’ll look at five of the greatest online multiplayer games for you to try out – including some which can be played on mobile. Let’s get into it! 

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The Best Online Multiplayer Games for 2019


The battle royale spectacle that hit stores last year remains one of the most popular multiplayer games in the world right now. Taking the same concept as Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), Fortnite drops 100 players out of a plane and onto an island where they have to gear up and eventually all kill each other. The last person standing is the winner, although players can also opt to work in teams. 

Fortnite might seem a little unoriginal at this point, seeing as it’s central concept had already been done by PUBG and then mimicked again by countless other battle royale games since, but the game manages to keep its own thanks to its cartoonish graphics and fun gameplay. The game certainly takes less serious tone than PUBG (which features military personnel fighting on an island) and instead opts to allow players to make their own unique character with bold hairstyles, whacky costumes, and a rubber chicken to beat enemies to death with. There is an incomprehensible amount of variations to build your characters – so it’s unlikely you’re going to bump into your long-lost identical twin on the battlefield. 

Another great feature of Fortnite is the building system which allows you to have some fun crafting some defensive structures. This goes lengths to mix up the gameplay a bit. If you’re looking for some free-for-all battle royale action this year, then Fortnite should be your first choice for consideration.

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Released in 2015, this ultra-realistic military game has inspired many of the battle royale heavy-hitters of today. But that’s not this game’s only claim to relevance – it stands as one of the most unique and team-driven games ever released. Arma 3 is best played online in multiplayer mode as this will bring out the sheer brilliance of its realism and ability to create stories out of the blue. 

The game requires players to communicate with one another over a headset and tasks you with missions that include armored vehicles, crossing the game’s massive and rugged terrain, and confronting landmines, among other tasks. The game’s massive map makes it possible to have long-range sniping battles, as well as keep your team under cover from enemy fire. 

If you’re looking for a team-based game where communication and strategy building is key, among a community of expert players who take the game very seriously, then Arma 3 is for you. Try it now. 

Download Arama 3 here !


Okay, so this one is taking a slightly different approach to gaming – it doesn’t have all the high-quality graphics and technical thrills of the previous two titles – but that’s the joy of Worms. This classic game will never get old. Your mission in Worms is to move your little worm in 30 seconds to a good vantage point, aim with your weapon/banana grenade, and attack the other team’s worms. Once a whole team is eliminated the game is over. 

Although it was first released in 1997, this classic multiplayer game was re-released on Steam in 2016, with enhanced graphics and gameplay, while retaining the holy grenades and super sheep that we so eagerly used to send our legless friends in the sea with. 

Filled with cute little voices, hilarious gameplay, and facepalm-worthy last-second misjudgments that end up with you shooting your teammate in the back of the neck with a rocket-propelled grenade, Worms is one of the best online multiplayer games ever made and is still winning hearts and minds to this day. 

Download Worm here!


Currently the biggest multiplayer game in the world, League of Legends’ massive fan base is there for a reason – although not all gamers will be taken away by it. The MOBA game allows you to cooperate with teammates, explore the vast collection of heroes to play as, and hone in your skills in various areas of the game. In a sense, this is what has made League of Legends so popular to this day – there is tons of room to improve your skills throughout your time playing LOL. 

The massive multiplayer community means that there is never a shortage of teammates to make friends with, and for many people, the game is basically their social life. While the merits of such an existence can easily be brought into question, some people just don’t need to get those LOL kicks. 

If you get good enough at this game then you might even become a millionaire from playing it in international tournaments – who said that playing video games is a waste of time? 

Website for League Of Legends:


This game takes multiplayer to a whole new arena – the kitchen. Funny enough, this is probably one of the most teamwork-central environments a person can work in real life, making it the ideal setting for an online multiplayer game. This is the story of the game’s developer, who used to work in a kitchen and concluded that it was a damned good setting for a game. There it was that Team 17 developed this masterpiece. 

The game requires that you get your work done in top time. No messing around, no lazing about, just pure high-pressure cheffing. The kitchens are located in some odd environments, including ships in high storms with tables sliding all over the place, food trucks that are zooming down the highway while you’re cooking in the back of them, and a whole bunch other kitchen environments that would give a health and safety inspector a heart attack. Call this extreme cooking, well, basically you’re just yelling at your teammates to bring the f*cking olive oil back to your work station. If you like high-pressure challenges, then this is the game for you

Download overcooked here !

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