Best tactics for Stick War Legacy

Despite the simple graphics and easy gameplay, the best tactics for Stick War Legacy are still a must to win the game effortlessly. And here’s what you need to know.

Tips for Stick War Legacy tactics

Concentrate on resource production

Gold is the main resource for training soldiers and building an army. The more miners you create, the more gold you will get throughout the round. However, if you don’t have soldiers to protect the miners, your savings won’t be guaranteed. In the first levels, you should mobilize an extra miner, in the more difficult levels you can buy two or three more before deciding to buy soldiers.

Concentrate on resource production- Best tactics for Stick War Legacy

Attack when fully prepared

Before preparing to order to attack the enemy, you must carefully prepare your forces. No matter how easy or difficult, create an army with at least 20 soldiers of all kinds; or, wait for this moment, when your forces gain more and overcome the enemy.

Research the opponent

You need to see what units the enemy creates to defend his statue or prepare to attack you. Depending on this, create certain units, but also balance the number and create the number of ranged and melee minions.

Besides, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the enemy soldiers are moving. Anticipate their attack to promptly attack or retreat to gain an advantage and reduce losses. Especially avoid them attacking your statue.

Research the opponent- Best tactics for Stick War Legacy

Personnel distribution

You need to distribute the exact amount of gold you mined. First, train a few units to protect the miners, for example, an archer and a swordsman. When going further, depending on the strategy, you need to increase different types of soldiers. Or, accumulate resources if the army is still strong, train more mages or giants. Remember that even the strongest minions cannot stand alone against the enemy.

Don’t be afraid to retreat

At the first attack on the enemy, you can significantly reduce the strength of the enemy army. However, usually at the time of attacking the statue, the enemy will spend all the money they have to buy troops, and at that time you can be overwhelmed.

When you realize the high loss to your army, don’t be afraid to collect your troops and start training new soldiers for the second wave of attacks.

Don't be afraid to retreat- Best tactics for Stick War Legacy

Control by hand

The player usually issues defense or attack orders to his soldiers automatically and then no further action. At the beginning of the game, you can add a miner and control them to mine more gold, or cast spells in battle with large waves of minions or giants.

Moreover, you can deploy giants with less health to endure in your army, attack the enemy with earthquake skills or similar ones to fight back, and don’t leave auto during the match because you can’t predict how the enemy’s forces are.


Do not attempt to destroy rocks or other obstacles. As long as the enemy puts his force through the obstacles, you will be able to receive more gold and create more soldiers to strengthen the army. Just create more archers, so that they can launch an attack while still having obstacles.

Obstacles- Best tactics for Stick War Legacy

Don’t be afraid to fail

There is no limit to the number of lives you have or the levels you can complete at once in the game, so losing a battle is not a big deal.

If you can’t complete a level, change your tactics, prioritize training other soldiers, or join the battle with a stronger army. Try many times, you will surely have victory.

So, these are useful tactics for Stick War Legacy. You can access the game and try them now. Good luck! If you have any better ideas, share them with us below.

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