Detailed instructions to play Blue Archive

Blue Archive is a game that is being chosen by many players to experience for its attractive graphics and great gameplay. You will be working as a consultant for a Schale Federation investigative club, with the task of solving all incidents that appear in Kivotos.

In this article, Apkafe will guide you to play Blue Archive in the most detail for any newbie to understand.

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Detailed instructions for playing Blue Archive

How to draw five-star characters in Blue Archive

You will have a number of rounds of random character draw, but frequently, you have to draw characters that are not satisfactory. In this case, NoxPlayer will help you increase your chances of getting the VIP characters you want.

How to draw five-star characters in Blue Archive- Detailed instructions for playing Blue Archive
  • Step 1: First to increase your chances of drawing valuable characters in Blue Archive, you need to download and play this game on the NoxPlayer emulator.
  • Step 2: Start Blue Archive on Nox emulator, and remember to Login the game with Guest ID and follow the instructions, you will get 1 free draw;
  • Step 3: Go ahead and drag and see which character you get. If you draw the character you don’t like, go back to the main screen of the emulator, Clear the cache data, and re-enter the game, you will be drawn from the beginning, you can do this many times until the draw is the desired character.


The missions section presents the enemy’s structure/formation and the requirements to complete the S level. Some requirements to level up to three stars:

  • Mission accomplished
  • Achieved S ‘x’ rating
  • Complete the stage in ‘x’ turn
Missions- Detailed instructions for playing Blue Archive

Blue Archive Tier List

Blue-Archive-Personailty-Tier-List-  Detailed instructions for playing Blue Archive

Character skills

Each character can have different skill types: Normal Skill, Passive Skill, EX Skill and Secondary Skill.

  • Normal Skills: Normal skills are used frequently by characters on the battlefield after a certain number of turns, upgrading it will increase some damage.
  • EX Skill: The most important skill for any character as it determines their role and has some very powerful effects, from providing high damage to team spells and more than that. This skill should be the top investment priority except for some characters.
  • Passive and Secondary Skills: These skills provide self-help to the character, and they can increase the stats, assist, or even increase the damage of already powerful EX skills.
Character skills- Detailed instructions for playing Blue Archive

Normal and EX skills are available from base rank, meanwhile, Passive and Subsequent Skills are unlocked at 2 stars and 3 stars.

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