Choo-Choo Charles: Essential tips to defeat the train spider monster

Choo-Choo Charles is a horror adventure game where players play the role of a famous monster hunter who is trying to take down the half spider half train monster, Charles. The player is given a train of his own and must use it to circumnavigate the island of Aranearum, meet NPCs, and collect mysteries for a final confrontation with the ferocious eight-legged locomotive.

With islanders in need of help and mine owner Warren Charles III plotting something sinister, there’s no time for players to waste. This article is going to provide essential tips to start your journey on the island and prepare for the upcoming battle with Charles.

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Best tips for Choo-Choo Charles

Navigate on the map

Eugene provides players with a map, which will be the most essential tool during their time on the island. The player can open the map by pressing the M key and learn a lot of useful information, such as the path of the train tracks and where the bends in the tracks are. The map also displays the locations of various NPCs scattered across the map, who assign tasks to the player and help them in their quest to defeat Charles.

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The map is quite convenient and is also color-coded to indicate the type of mission to be assigned: the yellow NPC is an optional side quest, blue is the main story mission, and red is a bonus quest for the player.

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Collect scraps to upgrade your train

The given train at the start of the game is weak, slow, vulnerable, and has limited weapon options. That’s where the importance of scrap collection comes into play.

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Scrap is basically the currency of the game, which can be used to give a useful upgrade to the player’s train, repairing it if it is significantly damaged. Gamers can find scraps all over the island and are rewarded for completing missions, so make sure to collect whenever for the best chance against Charles.

Familiarize yourself with weapons

The best and only weapon that the player can use in the fight against Charles is the gun mounted on the back of his train. Initially, players will only have access to the Derailer machine gun but will gain more advanced weapons as they progress in the game.

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Machine guns heat up quite easily, so it’s best not to abuse them or they will get stuck for a while. Shooting Charles will yield shrapnel, and headshots deal the most damage, therefore, gamers should shoot in short and precise salvoes for the best effect. That being said, all weapons have unlimited ammo, so shooting and praying is still a pretty viable strategy.

Switch rails

During their journey around the island, the player will occasionally encounter a section of the road that is divided, indicated by a sign with two red arrows pointing in different directions. These divisions allow the player to choose the direction he wants his train to follow.

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All you need to do is stop the train, quickly jump out, run to the lever, and choose the direction you want the train to go. Then, simply head back to the cabin and steer the train forward to descend any chosen path.

Timing is everything when choosing locks

Choo-Choo Charles has a lock pick minigame, which activates when the player tries to open any chest found on Aranearum. This game requires gamers to click at the right time when the small white circle moves inside the larger circle. If you click at the wrong time, you will have to start from the beginning.

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Do this correctly 3 times, each time increasing the number of large circles needed to get through, and the chest will unlock. This minigame is a bit complicated and can take a bit of practice as well as a few tries, but it’s totally worth it.

Complete weapon quests to get new gear

Scattered between the various mandatory and optional missions on the island are 3 red weapon missions. Completing each one unlocks a new, more powerful device to attach to the back of the player’s ship.

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Only one weapon can be attached at a time, and the player can switch between these options directly above the blueprint in the cabin. Each item has different stats with different ways of dealing damage, so players should decide carefully when to use which one.

Listen to Charles’s voice

The train spider monster Charles occasionally appears from the wilderness to scare the player while exploring the island. When this happens, players must quickly sprint back to his ship and start damaging Charles if he is to have any chance of surviving. Players must stay close to their train at all times for this very important reason. You will often be forewarned of Charles’ arrival by its macabre music and signature whistle.

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So, we have just presented some essential tips to defeat the train spider monster in Choo-Choo Charles. Wish you luck and see you in the next post!

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