Dead Cells: Things you wish to know before entering the game

Games of the Metroidvania genre always are extremely difficult. Most of them are 2D games, full of enemies, various levels, and traps waiting to trick naive players. One of the most prominent names is Dead Cells.

Dead Cells has been in the spotlight since its early access days and even into its official release. If you feel the game is too much, try reading the following detailed guide!

Dead Cells: Things you wish to know before entering the game

Guide on how to play Dead Cells

Be gentle and patient

Of course, every time you step into a level, you’ll always want to get through it quickly – that’s normal, but in Dead Cells, careful exploration will get you far more than a single-player level. pure.

In one run, make sure you collect all the Scrolls of Power in each level to maximize health, damage, and any other mutant bonuses. As the overall upgrades progress, look for drawings, hidden areas, and powerful enemies that will help you progress, opening new levels to continue.

Unlocking too many weapons at once is not advisable

Players will have the opportunity to unlock weapons. You can use Cells in this case. However, unlocking at the same time when not really needed can be wasteful.

Because otherwise it will not be known what kind of weapon will be unlocked. At that time, if you hit groups of low-level or useless weapons, you will no longer have cells for the next turn.

Unlocking too many weapons at once is not advisable- Dead Cells: Things you wish to know before entering the game

Rolling away is the optimal solution

We all know that the way to attack in the game is very annoying. For example, the rush of zombies will make you shiver because of its fierceness. However, you may not realize that when you want to attack, the server has a warning signal.

For example, Undead Archers will pull backward before they want to shoot arrows or zombies will scream before charging. Thus, when you see these things, it is safest for you to roll away. At that time, many different attacks can be dodged.

No need to use up Cells

Between each level, you’ll find a Collector, who can trade your Cells for upgrades and unlock weapons. If you try to leave his room without using all the Cells, you will be told that the door will remain closed until you use up all the Cells. But in reality, it’s just a lure, because you just roll over, shoot or bang on the door about two times, and you’re gone.

This allows you to store the Cells you get from the early stages until you defeat a boss – There is a special Legendary Forge that only appears after boss battles, where you can unlock upgrades. A permanent level increases the chance of finding high-quality items. Just remember to talk to the Collector to put together the drawings you find.

No need to use up Cells- Dead Cells: Things you wish to know before entering the game

Defeat Special Elites to get Runes

When playing Dead Cells, you will encounter powerful enemies of the Elite level. Most of the time, killing these guys will give you a necklace with special bonuses (among other rewards). But if you’re in the right area, you might find a room dedicated to an Elite monster – you’ll know this because it’ll be locked at the start.

Defeating this monster grants you Runes, which unlocks an ability to switch between runs, and gives you access to new areas.

Strategy is the key

In the beginning, the player will get a sword that is basic and quite powerful. However, you can also boldly ignore them to implement more advanced intentions.

After the levels, the player will be upgraded with sophisticated equipment. A ranged weapon or shield is probably the best choice. Because it has higher damage to help you pass the difficult doors in the next round.

Strategy is the key- Dead Cells: Things you wish to know before entering the game

Final words

Those are all things that you will hardly know when you first step into Dead Cells. Knowing the above tips will not necessarily help you break this game, because it depends on your skills. But anyway, knowing about them makes your journey easier, better than being completely ignorant at the start of the game, right?

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