GTA 5 game has just updated, updated cars, new maps for gamers are the official information of the publisher of the game Rock Star for gamers. Next update for GTA 5 Online version. Learn a little more about this new update with APKAFE.COM

GTA 5 is a fascinating role-playing game that follows the success of the GTA Vice City and GTA: San Andreas games. Although it has been released for a while, the heat of the game has yet to show signs of decreasing, and according to the game’s publisher, GTA 5 will have an Update version for gamers.


In GTA’s Upcoming Update 5 Rock Star Online Version Announced To Gamers Information As Following:

– The game will be updated with a list of vehicles including noteworthy vehicles such as:

Added Dewbauchee Seven-70

Car Added Grotti X80 Proto

Additional Vehicle Pfister 811

We also have this car is cooler. Players can buy these luxury cars from Legendary Motorsport.

– Update additional new maps, Update new features:

In this update we will have 3 new maps so that players can have more “horizontal and vertical land” for the game mode Power Play: Los Santos International Airport, The Port of Los Santos, The Bank of The Alamo Sea

In addition to that the game’s publisher also encourages players to try their hand at these new maps to be able to double RP and GTA $ in the game. .

Above is the overview information on the upcoming updated version of GTA 5, which adds a new vehicle and map to gamers that APKAFE.COM has introduced to you.

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