Guide to the maps in Goose Goose Duck

Goose Goose Duck is a deduction game to find the intruder, similar to Among Us. All players will have to work together to find the man who plays the role of mallard who is mixing in the herd to destroy the other ducks. In Goose Goose Duck, there are numerous maps, which differ in some points besides the form and the mission. These maps have a lot of information about unique spots, such as the vent hole map, where to snoop and sabotage, as well as where they have triggered and the locations of hazards on it.

Here is more information and a guide to the maps in Goose Goose Duck.


Information about the maps in Goose Goose Duck

Categories in maps:

  • Button location: Where the character goes to summon an emergency meeting.
  • Camera/Intercom: Camera or map intercom.
  • Vandalism: Subterranean sabotage can be activated on the map.
  • Vent positions: The number of each location and how they connect to each other.
  • Map Hazards: Ways a character can die on the map other than being directly killed by another player.
  • Important note: Key information is not mentioned in any of the categories above.
  • Other notes: Anything else about the map is worth mentioning.

Guide to the maps in Goose Goose Duck

MapsSS Mother Goose (MS)Black Swan (BS)Nexus Colony (NC)Mallard Manor (MM)
Button positionRec roomRec roomBridge roomDining room
VandalismLights, Reactors, Doors, Information Rooms, Life SupportLights, Reactors, Doors, Information Rooms, Life SupportLights, Engine, Information Room, Life Support, Teleport, ShuttleLights, Doors, Fire, Toxic Water Pumps, Chandeliers
Vent positions (vent holes)7 vents, all connected7 vents, 2 separate groups5 vents, 4 connected vents and 1 vent by itself4 vents
Map HazardsAirlockAirlockShuttle (surface), Shuttle (use), Teleporter (use)Chandelier
Important noteOriginal map, part of Space Era

Map 2, part of the Space Era.There is a room that can only be accessed by vents.Shuttles and teleporters must be activated through missions that any player can complete. Teleport only moves from right to left.Map 4, part of the Victorian Era
Other notesMap 3, part of the Space Era. Randomly activated decontamination room

So, we have just gone through vital information and a guide to the maps in Goose Goose Duck. Hopefully, these details will be useful to you. Good luck and see you in the next article!

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