How to beat the monsters in Roblox Doors

The player’s task in Roblox Doors is not only to unlock the puzzles in the playroom, but also to escape from the horrible monsters that are chasing after. The monsters in the game are quite diverse with many unique characteristics, creating difficult challenges for gamers. Here are tips on how to beat the monsters in Roblox Doors.

Monsters in Roblox Doors and how to beat them


  • Damage: 100 HP
  • Shape: A head with a grayish-black face, with a monstrous smile, wide to the ears.
  • Occurrence: 20% from level 1-49, 40% from level 51-99
Rush- How to beat the monsters in Roblox Doors
  • How to beat Rush: Rush will appear when the lights start flashing in the room. To deal with Rush, you find a cabinet, hide in it, and wait for it to pass. Be careful because it will appear many times. Just wait until it completely disappears before continuing to solve the puzzle.


  • Damage: 40 HP
  • Shape: Round shape with a devilish smiley face, nylon skin and tentacle-like limbs.
  • Occurrence: 80% in rooms with no light
  • How to beat Screech: The telltale sign before the Screech appears is a small whistle. You have 2 seconds to run to find Screech. If you see it, it will automatically retreat and not chase you. Or, you can also use lighters to scare away Screech as it is very afraid of fire and will rarely attack people with lighters.


  • Damage: 100 HP
  • Shape: Head with two black eye sockets, wide open mouth and pale skin.
  • Occurrence: Very low at all levels
Ambush- How to beat the monsters in Roblox Doors
  • How to beat Ambush: Ambush appears after roaring a horror sound, quickly find a hidden cupboard and hide well because it attacks rather quickly. Like Rush, stop for a while and hide in the closet carefully, Ambush will appear in the same place at least 3-4 times.


  • Damage: 10 HP every 0.5s
  • Shape: An entity with many ghastly eyeballs.
  • Occurrence: Unknown but will appear at least once in the game.
Eyes- How to beat the monsters in Roblox Doors
  • How to beat Eyes: You just don’t need to look at Eyes to take no damage. Eyes will disappear when you successfully solve the puzzle.


  • Damage: 40% HP
  • Shape: Human head shape shadow with 2 glowing eyes
  • Occurrence: Only in corridors
Halt- How to beat the monsters in Roblox Doors
  • How to beat Halt: When your screen changes, then Halt is right in front of you. Stay calm and walk backward, or turn the other way and go slowly. That way Halt won’t chase or attack you anymore. Continue this many times until you get out of Halt.


  • Damage: 100 HP
  • Shape: Black humanoid silhouette with 1 eye.
  • Occurrence: 2 times per turn
Seek- How to beat the monsters in Roblox Doors
  • How to beat Seek: Seek is simply one of two mini-bosses in the game. You just need to run and dodge the obstacles in the game to escape Seek.


  • Damage: 100 HP
  • Shape: Tall humanoid entity with long limbs with a gaping mouth full of sharp teeth
  • Occurrence: 90% from level 49-70 and 100% at level 100. Occurs up to 2 times per turn
Figure How to beat the monsters in Roblox Doors
  • How to beat Figure: Figure is a being that can only hear and cannot see. When you solve puzzles, to avoid damage from Figures, you should move very slowly 24/24 to avoid its attention.
Figure How to beat the monsters in Roblox Doors

These are dangerous monsters in Roblox Doors. The remaining characters are Timothy, Glitch, Jack, and Haide, featuring the low damage level, so no worry. Hope the above information will be useful to you.

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