Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 – Notes, Cutouts, and VHS tapes location guide

Notes, Cutouts, and VHS Tapes are 3 types of items to collect in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2. Although they are not directly related to achievements, the content inside them will shed light on the dark history of Playtime CO. and its founding team.

Notes locations in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2


#Note 1 – Experiment 814

After taking the key from the opposite side of the first cutout in the game, you can enter Elliot Ludwig’s office. Once inside, go ahead and get the VHS tape from the table. After taking it, you can pick up the note below. The note is then added to your inventory as Experiment 814.

#Notes 2 and 3 – Test object evaluation forms

After the PJ part where you are escaping and have to use your hands to break the window into the office, you still haven’t fallen into the pit. Once there, pick up the notes from the desk on the right.

#Note 4 – Transfer request

Once you have completed the PJ segment, head to the Water Treatment area. There you can find the fourth note next to the “Rotate top 90 degrees” button on the main control panel.

#Note 5 – Eddie Ritterman to Warrenbach Construction


Once you’ve done the hide-and-seek sequence with Mommy Long Legs and as soon as you activate the lever, you’ll fall down a hole into a room with an Emergency Exit door. The note is on the ground, to the left of the door.

#Notes 6, 7 – Final notes

Once you escape from Mommy Long Legs and climb onto Bay 6, you’ll come to a corridor that’s topped by a control room with a doll inside. The final notes are on both sides of the panel.

Cutouts locations in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2

#Cutout 1 – Huggy Wuggy

You can find the first cutout at the beginning of Chapter 2. After crossing the damaged corridor, you will stumble across a door blocked with planks. The cutout plate is right next to it. Go ahead and press the button with either of your hands.

#Cutout 2 – Mommy Long Legs

The second cutout is found right after you enter the Game Station for the first time. Notice it on the left as you go through the main hallway.

#Cutout 3 – Kissy Missy


Don’t leave Game Station right away, keep moving forward through the corridor until you reach the Statue symbol. If you hop onto the platform behind it, you’ll see another cutout right next to the carriage.

#Cutout 4 – Bunzo Bunny

Once you complete the machine sequence and get one of the hands, use it to draw energy from the green board and open the red panel on the left to activate the door. Continue, go inside the vent, and turn right to the first Muscle Memory corridor again. As moving forward, you’ll find the Bunzo Bunny cutout on your way.

#Cutout 5 – Bron

After completing the Muscle Memory minigame, go through the vent and into the storage room. Once inside, reach for the Bron cutout in the middle aisle.

#Cutout 6 – Daisy

In that same storage room, go to the main platform using the lever below the “Power” sign to find the Daisy cutout.

#Cutout 7 – Candy Cat


After completing the minigame, you will see a few broken stairs. Go up as high as you can and then look up at the ceiling to swing onto a handle. Once there, you’ll find the Candy Cat cutout.

#Cutout 8 – PJ Pug-a-Pillar

When you reach the Statues segment, you will see PJ Pug-a-Pillar next to the puzzle.

#Cutout 9 – Cat Bee

After completing the puzzle in the Water Treatment area, head out into the hallway to find the Cat Bee cutout.

#Cutout 10 – Boogy Bot

The final cutout appears after scanning the toy in Underwater Treatment. Once done, go left in the opposite direction of that yellow door. Just around the corner and next to the VHS tape is a Boogy Bot cutout.

VHS tapes locations in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2


#VHS 1: Eliot Ludwig’s Biography

You can easily find the first VHS tape on the desk in Playtime CO. founder Eliot Ludwig’s office at the beginning of the game. About the contents of this scroll basically explains his life as well as his love of toys.

#VHS 2: Green Hand Tutorial

You can find this tape on the upper right side of the center console. The content of the tape is how to create Green Hand after Red Hand has been taken away by Mommy Long Legs.

#VHS 3: Marcus Brickley

This tape is placed on the factory floor, in front of the VCR player when you’re getting ready to start the Barry Cart puzzle. It’s about the narration of Marcus reporting the story that he saw a bloody hand reaching for something and he reported it to the manager to check the camera, yet no results were obtained.

#VHS 4: Rich Avery


The next tape you can find is in a rather messy storage room. The location of the tape will be placed on the steps halfway up the dilapidated ladder that looks quite old. The content of the tape is someone’s narration, but the image appearing on the screen is a toy frog. Roughly this person said that after years of being ignored by the company, they finally heard his complaint. However, the very next day, he was inexplicably demoted.

#VHS 5: Jimmy Roth

As you go inside the Water Treatment and reach the water turbine, check the opposing decks in the gaps in the pool. Use Blue Hand to get the green tape at the Game Station entrance. This is a tape about a character Jimmy Roth sharing the secret of high sales in the company.

#VHS 6: Big Spider Warning

The sixth tape was located in Bunzo Bunny’s production room and it was kept in a locked switch box. The content of the tape is about the appearance of a large spider around the factory. The man in this tape is reassuring the staff that nothing happens and advises employees to go back to work.

#VHS 7: Experiment 1006


The final VHS tape is in black and collected when Mommy Long Legs is destroyed. Its the location is located in the stairwell area of the factory. This is also the spoiler for Poppy Playtime Chapter 3. In this tape, it is about Experiment 1006 trying to escape from the lab. It is known that this prototype possesses an extremely intelligent mind, but it does not follow the direction of its creators. The tape also confirms that Huggy Wuggy is a successful experiment with intelligence as well as absolute obedience.

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