Getting BANK on Need For Speed: Heat isn’t hard with the tips below

Need For Speed: Heat marks the welcome return of this series after the unbelievable explosion in the Payback version with a very in-depth tuning system and building an open-world Palm City as the backdrop for the entire experience to take place. The problem is, you will need a lot of money, aka BANK, to pay for the whole cost of buying a car or customizing a car. These are also the experiences shared by Apkafe below.

How to get more BANK on Need For Speed: Heat

Need for Speed: Heat has two currencies, REP and BANK. REP is the reputation of the player, obtained when participating in night races with the crew, and BANK is the money you earn from the racing day or participating in challenges day and night. The problem is that REP is quite easy to find because you only need to face the patrol to increase the Heat and safely return to the Safehouse.

How to get more BANK on Need For Speed: Heat- Getting BANK on Need For Speed: Heat isn't hard with the tips below

On the contrary, BANK is more difficult to earn because it is designed as a way to keep players in the game. Don’t worry, just follow the instructions below and you will easily earn at least $75000 within 10 minutes!

What to prepare

You will need a vehicle with a rating of about 220 or higher to be able to participate in the Resort’s Circuit. This also means that you have to race normally and gradually upgrade for a while because the car initially has an index of only 120. However, depending on the player’s level to compensate, this stat can be low. more than about 220 above. The writer uses the number 220 for the purpose of “steadfast wear”.

What to prepare- Getting BANK on Need For Speed: Heat isn't hard with the tips below

As for the car, you can use any car, but it’s easier if it’s the best car you have for on-road racing. Most of the early car upgrades are focused on on-road, but if you have modified something else to suit your individual playstyle, you should consider instead on-road for the purpose of making money.


Once you’ve got your car ready, drive to the day track right behind Luca’s Garage location called The Resort’s Circuit and register for the race and get ready to claim $25000.

Let’s go for a ride

Resort’s Circuit is relatively easy if you know how to take advantage of the physical phenomenon of slipstream as a guide to overtake your opponent.

Let's go for a ride- Getting BANK on Need For Speed: Heat isn't hard with the tips below

Basically, this race is usually divided into two groups: the competitors at the top and the bottom. By taking advantage of the slipstream phenomenon, you should quickly break through your opponent to take the top spot as soon as possible. Constantly following the opponents ahead to take advantage of this phenomenon to the fullest, taking the opportunity to overtake the opponent as soon as possible. Not to mention, sticking to the opponent’s tail also helps you keep a more stable speed thanks to the aforementioned physical phenomenon, limiting falling behind.

Besides, do not forget to drive safely in the right lane, and focus on driving carefully so that the car always runs right on the track as much as possible to always keep the highest speed. The AI system often has a tendency to show off, so it often squirms around, mainly to mess up the vision, make you lose patience, overtake carelessly and suffer the consequences. Don’t be fooled by them, just stick to the track and avoid using drift because it’s easy to lose control, especially when the car is being modified to run on-road.

Let's go for a ride- Getting BANK on Need For Speed: Heat isn't hard with the tips below

The turns are quite wide, enough for you to slip through any AI car without using drift. Even if the vehicle index is only close to 220, the leading position is still within reach if you follow the instructions exactly.


With the instructions above, after completing the race in the highest rank, you only need to register to participate in the Resort’s Circuit race again. For each new registration like that, the bonus will decrease by $5000 until it stops at a meager $5000. However, you do not need to worry because just return to Lucas’ Garage to have a good night’s sleep and come back full of energy the next day, the reward value will return to the same $25000. Just like that, day after day.

Get BANK- Getting BANK on Need For Speed: Heat isn't hard with the tips below

When you are bored or have enough money to satisfy your dream, you can visit Dealership or Garage to buy a new car and view or customize the car. With this way of making money, you only need to race at night to upgrade REP to levels 40 and 50, so you have enough money to buy fancy cars, like McLaren P1 ’14, Ferrari LaFerrari ’13, McLaren P1 GTR ’15, Ferrari FXX-K Evo ’18, and Koenigsegg Regera ’16.

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