Things to know about Riot’s hot FPS – Valorant

Valorant, formerly known as Project A, is an FPS game, first announced in October 2019 by Riot Games – the father of League of Legends.

The biggest difference between Valorant and other FPS games, like Overwatch or Call of Duty, is that although the fighting is still decided by normal gunfights, its characters possess unique abilities which is using natural elements in combination with tail weapons.

Things to know about Riot's hot FPS - Valorant

This game is designed with 3D graphics with extremely vivid and realistic exterior details. The image in the game is built from small details to large objects such as houses, crates, or every small detail on guns. The sound is also perfectly built, and the slogans of each character are very unique. Gun sound effects are all the same for each type of gun.

What’s so special about Valorant’s gameplay?

With this game, Riot emphasizes the creativity and tactics of players to bring victory to their team. Valorant emphasizes the player’s individual skills and the ability to coordinate with teammates more.

Its characters will be called Agents. Players have to choose a character at the start of each match. This character will follow the player throughout the game and cannot be changed. So, you need to carefully consider which character to choose when entering the battle to gain the optimal advantage.

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What's so special about Valorant's gameplay?- Things to know about Riot's hot FPS - Valorant

How to play

The game will be played in a BO25 format. The team that wins 13 matches first will be the overall winner. Each round has a duration of 1 minute 40 seconds, therefore, you need at least about 30 minutes to complete a game.

Each team will have 5 players divided into two teams as follows:

  • The first team is the Attacker, who is in charge of searching the area, capturing the area, and then proceeding to place the Spike.
  • The second team is the Defender, who has to defend the area, prevent the attacking team from taking possession, and remove the Spike from the attacking team.

At the beginning of the game, each character will immediately have a skill for free, then the player must use the money earned to buy the next 2 skills. Still, the ultimate alone cannot be purchased, but can only be obtained by earning kills during the match.

When you enter the first match and when you switch sides to fight between the two teams, you will be given $ 800 plus a pistol. Destroying the opponent, setting the bombs, winning the round, and lose the round will give players extra money but money is not only used to buy guns, you need to buy armor and other items to ensure the final victory.

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How to play- Things to know about Riot's hot FPS - Valorant

The weapon system

The use of weapons in combination with the unique skill sets of the characters will create numerous mutations in the match. Gold and weapons left over in the previous match will be accumulated for the next game if they are not used yet.

There are a total of 18 weapons, including:

  • 5 types of Pilots pistols
  • 2 types of SMG submachine guns
  • 2 shotguns
  • 4 Rifles rifles
  • 2 sniper rifles
  • 2 MG heavy machine guns


The recommended configuration level to run the game smoothly is 60FPS, while the performance is strong enough with Intel I3-4150 or higher. Your device should be equipped with a GeForce GT 730 or higher graphics card, and the operating system is still Win 7|8|10 64bit. At the same time, the minimum RAM required is also 4GB.


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