Valorant: Guide to the Top 20 Reyna tips from professional gamers

Tips on using the Gathering / Consume skills

  1. Although using the same source, but Gathering / Consume is more beneficial Disappears quite a bit thanks to the healing and squeezing ability continuous enemy instead of just tanking for a short time.
  1. After restoring max 100 health, the ability will restore you an extra health bar (purple health bar next to the main health bar), plus armor that can pull up to 150 health. Temporarily describes that the effect will restore armor during the buff, if the buff runs out, it will drain very quickly.
  1. When using the Spirit Capacitor / Devour, you will leave a purple line between the Soul Orb and you, which will be connected for the duration of the buff – which means the enemy can guess your location. Follow this line even if you have traveled very far (the line will not break unless the buff runs out)

Tips for using skills Disappear

  1. Though skills Disappear allows you resistance damage in a short time, if you press the skill again will turn off buff immediately and lets you fight continues
  1. Disappear should be used to escape from hiding rather than attacking because it takes a 0.5 – 1 second break to stop the Disappearance effect and take out the gun.
  2. Disappear is designed to “trade balance” when you kill 1 person and keep his teammates from following and killing you. With Reyna, you should press 1v1 as much as possible and choose to heal after killing a life or use Disappear to get a hiding angle if an enemy follows.
  1. Disappear can resist Spike’s explosive damage, at the end of the circle you can use 1 time to vanish to hide the damage through the new ring and not die.

Tips for using the Glare skill

1. The Glare can fly through the wall and appear unexpectedly without seeing a destination to use

2. Different from the Omen’s blind or the Phoenix flash, the Glare skill is required. must be within sight of the enemy to blind them, and the blind spot is also visible to be destroyed immediately

3. Glare does not blind your teammates, allowing the team to attack after Use Glare

4. You should use your Glare very high or at an unpredictable angle because the enemy only needs to hit 1 hit and the ball breaks immediately

5. You should use the Glare at a certain angle where the enemy cannot both look at you and the ball at the same time, most commonly used right up high on your position or the corner or being camped

6. Since Glare can take 1 damage before it is destroyed, you can use the orb to block the damage against powerful 1-hit dead abilities like Sniper or Raze’s rockets.

Tips on using the Queen’s Skill

1. The Queen increases her gun’s rate of fire by 33 – 35%, slightly higher than Brimmstone’s Stim Beacon

2. The Queen is the best snowball skill if you are the last survivor, especially Special on the attack side that has spike

3. While Queen buffs, you will automatically heal with the Condensor / Consume after killing the target without the orb, while you can draw the orb to turn on Disappearance allows you to both heal, be dame resistant and invisible to wait for the next enemy.

4. If you use Disappear on the healing Orb you will stop the healing effect and switch to Disappear immediately

5. The best way to use Disappear when the Queen is to stealthily move out to see where the enemy is, back off Go in hiding and wait for all effects and attack after knowing the enemy’s location

Some other instructions for Reyna

1. Reyna is strongest when she is 1v1 and has to take a new kill to really be strong, if you do not eat but wait behind you should use another agent instead of Reyna.

2. Reyna should play aggressively but still need her teammates since she is less likely to create surprises like other Agents.


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