How to Screen Note 8

1. How to take screenshots  on Note 8 with Bixby 

Like other virtual assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, etc., Bixby will support users a lot in the process of using the device. And with Note 8, we just need to activate Bixby Voice and use the “Take a screenshot” command to take a screenshot. The device screen will be captured right away. 

We press and hold the Bixby button on the left edge of the Note 8 device before executing a 

screenshot command. 

Take screenshots with the virtual assistant. 

2. How to take screenshots on Note 8 with gestures 

To take screenshots on Galaxy Note 8 by using gestures, users must proceed with the system settings first. 

You go to Settings (Settings)> Advanced Features (Advanced Features)> Palm Swipe to Capture (Swipe the palm to capture). Users then enable this feature by switching to On. 

Setting gestures on Note 8 

So to take a screenshot on Galaxy Note 8, users need to swipe from right to left edge of the screen. 

  Take screenshots with gestures. 

3. How to take screenshots on Note 8 with the Power button and volume key 

This method is extremely familiar to users. With most Android smartphones, to take screenshots, users only need to press the Power button and Volume down key. 

After pressing the above key combination, the device will vibrate and ring a bell to notify successful screen capture. To review photos, swipe down from the notification bar and click Screenshot Captured. 

  Take a picture with the key combination. 

4. How to take screenshots on Note 8 by the S Pen 

On the Note 8, the S Pen is more interactive with users. We can take notes on the screen or take screenshots with Screen Write feature on the pen list. 

We need to launch Air Command and click Screen Write. Then select the area you want to take a picture or add a note to the image as you wish. 

Finally, when you finish, click Crop, Share, or Save to complete the screenshot editing process. 

Take a screenshot by the S Pen. 

  5. How to take screenshots on Note 8 by scroll capture feature 

To take a full-screen picture of a document page or a newspaper page, you can use the scrolling feature. We need to press the Power button + volume down key at the same time. After the preview screenshot appears, click Scroll Capture to enable the automatic scrolling feature to take a large picture. 

To capture the desired content, you touch the screen to stop the scrolling feature. 

Take pictures by scroll capture feature. 

The above are five ways on how to take screenshots on Galaxy Note 8. Depending on the needs as well as cases, you can choose a suitable way. For example, when shooting the documents of journalism, it is advisable to use a scrolling capture. 

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