Make It In Monopoly – Your Guide To Getting The Win

Losing Is Not An Option – Use These Monopoly Secrets To Out Hustle Peers And Win

You’ve been here before. Your hotels are lined up, you just got out of the penitentiary and you’re about to land on Mayfair, but in a shadowy turn of events you draw a Chance Card and get sent right back to jail. Your once beloved family member then swoops in, places that damn sewing needle on Mayfair and buys the infamous dark blue property you’ve had your eye on the entire game. It’s a cruel fate. But this is the world of Monopoly
There’s a beauty in the board games ability to bring people together, but also tear them apart. We made this guide to help you reach out and grab hold of your destiny, for, by the time you have finished reading, you’ll be a true force to be reckoned with in the world of Monolopy. We are going to show you how to play Monopoly, but more importantly, strategies to win Monopoly.

What is Monopoly?

I feel silly even uttering these words to you. So here’s hoping you had some sort of reasonably enjoyable childhood as I explain incredibly briefly what Monopoly is in a nutshell. 

What is Monopoly-Make It In Monopoly - Your Guide To Getting The Win

Monopoly is a property trading board game that lets you move and purchase using a 6-sided dice. Once bought, properties can be developed with houses and hotels, allowing you to charge rent from other players when they land on them. The aim of the game is to create the most amount of wealth in cash and properties, while simultaneously trying to bankrupt your fellow players. 
Chance cards and Community Chest cards add extra twists to the game, resulting in benefits or creation of a detrimental chain of events for you as a player, such as heading to Monopoly prison. As one of the most popular board games to emerge in more than 103 countries, it teaches us that economies that rewarding wealth creation and promoting tax creates an ideal economic structure. But more importantly, its a whole lot of fun. So let’s get into the real reason why you’re here – how to win at Monopoly.

Create a winning mentality

This is arguably one of the most important steps to dominating your opponents in Monopoly. You see, when you create a mindset of abundance and wealth creation, it manifests itself in every move you make in the game. Not to mention your opponent will smell your fear if you go on with the intention of rolling over and showing your belly when times get tough. So hype yourself up. Look your opponent dead in the eye with your shoulders rolled back, your chest puffed out and scream “I WILL BE VICTORIOUS TODAY GOOD SIR”.

Start strong

Start strong-Make It In Monopoly - Your Guide To Getting The Win

The first phase of the game is the most important, so hit the ground running and purchase everything you can in the beginning. You can leverage them later through negotiations if your opponents are looking to buy properties with the same color scheme.

Pay attention to the small fry

One of the worst mistakes you can make is to hoard your money in hopes that you’ll land on the more expensive streets. Buying a cheap street and creating a monopoly on it with houses and hotels is far more lucrative than purchasing an expensive property on a street you can no longer afford to develop on. Look out for the small fry to create a steady flow of income from other players. Remember, Monopoly is just as much about depriving your opponents as it is about how much money you have.

Make the most of jail time

Make the most of jail time-Make It In Monopoly - Your Guide To Getting The Win

This is an underutilized tactic for sure, but it makes a lot of sense when you start playing Monopoly on an n elite level, which everyone should. You see, the more property players buy on the board, the more rent you’ll have to pay by landing on them. The risk is higher later in the game, so definitely only use this tactic after some time when the board starts to fill up. Look at it as free accommodation.

Build houses ASAP

Build houses ASAP-Make It In Monopoly - Your Guide To Getting The Win

If you have three houses built on your street, you’ll earn significantly more rent than having one. Aim to build three houses on all your streets as soon as possible to maximize the chances of winning and open up more purchasing opportunities with the newly acquired cash flow. Also, because there are a limited amount of houses that can be purchased from the bank, buying more means less availability for your opponents.

Stay away from railways and utility companies

Stay away from railways and utility companies-Make It In Monopoly - Your Guide To Getting The Win

Our advice, don’t buy into the temptation of owning railway and utility properties. The margin for earning money is much lower on these, with a measly 3 percent chance of your opponent actually landing on them.

Aim for Orange

Orange streets are a great buy, as there’s a high chance you’ll land on them after coming out of jail. Prisons not so bad after all.

Keep your mouth shut

We all love a bit of property banter, especially when playing in large groups. You would be better off, however, saying nothing at all. In the same manner that you assume a poker face, the aim is to not give anything away to your opponents through your expressions and words. The world of Monopoly is cold and unforgiving. Don’t expect your closest friends and family members to show you any mercy of you’re serving it on a platter for them. If you are really serious about winning, try to only speak when asked a question.


Well, folks, that’s really all there is to it. We hope you enjoyed this guide on strategies to win Monopoly. We interviewed some of the top Monopoly players nationwide and curated this epic list to be a board game badass. At the end of the day, it’s going to take brains, balls and a little bit of luck. But if you follow these tips, you’ve already got an edge over the competition. So keep your cool and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Be bold in your execution. Be a winner.


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