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Android 4.0.3+


Product Description

Facebook Lite is a compact version of the Facebook social networking application. It was developed to optimize the experience for people using low-configuration Android devices or to operate in an unstable Internet environment. According to many proven tests, Facebook Lite can ensure the speed of viewing news, downloading photos or videos, and other activities, even when using 2G data packets. 

How to download the Facebook APK on the Apkafe

Facebook Lite is currently available on the Android operating system. You need to click on the link above the article, then download it, and install it as usual. 

Note: Currently, there is only the Facebook Lite version for Android, and there is no version for iOS. Therefore, iPhone users will have to wait a while longer to be able to experience Facebook Lite for iOS. 

Access Facebook faster and smoother with the “Facebook Mini” version – Facebook Lite for Android. Download Facebook Lite for free for devices running Android 2.2 and above to start surfing Facebook with fast and robust speed. It helps you quickly share status, images, and messages to friends or relatives. 

The outstanding features of the Facebook Lite APK for Android

  • Quick installation: The app is smaller in size and uses less memory space.
  • Immediatedownload: This is our fastest app. Convenient for uploading photos and viewing updates from friends. 
  • Use very little Internet data: Save money by using fewer Internet data.
  • Works on all networks: With 2G networks and areas with a slow or unstableInternetconnection, this application still works very effectively. 
  • Stable operation with the Android operating system: You can use this application on almost all Android phones, both new and old.

Facebook Lite for Android is a shortened version of Facebook for Android, but it still has all the essential functions. These include push notifications, Messenger, Pages, and Groups like the full Facebook version. But it’s great that it consumes little Internet data and can work on all Android phones. 

The Facebook Lite APK for Android application will help you:

  • Easily message friends and join group chats.
  • Get instant notifications when friends like and comment on your posts.
  • See and know what your friends are doing.
  • Share information and update photos or videos exceptionally quickly.


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