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KingRoot allows you to root your Android device with one click and the success ratio is 99%.

7 reasons you should root Android

Android is among the most open, powerful, and easily customizable operating systems on the mobile market this day. You may wonder that you do not stand in need of “rooting” your device, but one single time you try this, you will be amazed by the potentials of Android.

1. Open the hidden features and install the incompatible applications

Sometimes, Android is not “open” enough for you to run the applications that you want. For example, this application may “impact” too deeply into your system files, or be blocked by the manufacturer/mobile operator from installing. By good fortune, when you have rooted your device, you can install all blocked applications, unlock recently developed (unofficial) components of Android, run the rejected applications due to “incompatibility”, and even more elements that are available only from other industrialists (like HTC’s Beats or Moto X’s Active Notification).

2. Be self-activating almost everything

Specific tasks such as turn to on/off 3G, GPS, change CPU pulse, turn on the screen, etc. will be self-regulating.

3. Intensify performance or battery life of a smart phone

Simply because when you root the device, you can install many proficient applications to mount up the capability and battery life.

4. Block advertisement on any application

If you want to block ads on your apps, rooting your device is the finest way to do them. If you do not want to root, you will have to switch to airplane mode to block ads or use software like AdFree, AdBlock Plus, Ad Away, etc.

5. Easily back up data to transfer to another appliance

When you buy a brand new phone or reinstall your phone to its origin, you will need to back up the information. If you do not root the device, you can only back up some data and some applications. If you root it, you will be able to back up both system applications and their data. This process can be self-executing by using software such as Titanium Backup.

6. Remove the built-in junk software

Titanium Backup does not only back up the information but also removes “junk” software that consumes battery power and memory usage that are pre-installed by manufacturers/mobile operators on your smartphone. You can only use this feature if you have rooted your device.

7. Edit your Android phone according to your wishes

Many people want to be the editor of Android both on the interface and the system. Regardless of whether you want to change the keyboard interface, edit the scrolling feature, improve the multitasking function, or install themes, etc. then rooting your gadget will be your supreme selection.

Risks may occur when you root the device

+ With the old rooting ways, your phone may be damaged, software conflict, and the most serious ruin is not able to use. But with KingRoot, you are completely guaranteed for the reason that it will never be happened.

+ Easy to be attacked by malware, possibly suffered the loss of money, be deprived of information, etc. but these will not happen when you use KingRoot.

The most interesting part of KingRoot

+ KingRoot software supports for rooting Android phones effectively and professionally. KingRoot is well suited with most Android phones this very day. Using KingRoot, you can have experience of more apps outside of Google Play.

+ KingRoot allows you to root your Android device with just a few quick clicks, unlock many features of your phone such as customizing the interface, successfully installing applications and games that only run on the devices has been rooted.

+ KingRoot assists for rooting almost all Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy Note, HTC One X, Nokia X, HTC One V, HTC Incredible S G11, HTC Desire HD G10, HTC Desire G7, etc.

Instructions for downloading, installing, and using KingRoot

Step 1: Download KingRoot at the link above this article.

Step 2: Install. This is an application that is not available on Google Play, so you have to turn on the “allow apps installation from unknown sources” mode to be able to install it.

Step 3: How to use KingRoot. Open the app> Click on “Try it” to enter the main interface and click on the “Get now” button to start rooting your phone. When the rooting process is completed, the device will return to the main screen.

Step 4: Check if your device has been successfully rooted or not by downloading RootChecker application at the link:


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