Recently, Tencent Games has just launched a new product on the mobile platform, PUBG Mobile Lite, a version designed specifically for devices with low configuration and old versions of Android. PUBG Mobile Lite is no different from the official release, from graphics, sound, gameplay, etc. It is a cloned version for the official game but with a capacity of only 260 MB (compared to 1.64 GB original).


The difference between PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG Mobile is the version for Android and iOS devices. In particular, the tech specs for Android 5.1 and higher with at least 2GB of RAM. Meanwhile the iPhone version needs iOS 9.0 or later, including full range of iPhone models back to iPhone 5s and iPads back to iPad Mini 2, as well as iPod touch 6-gen.

PUBG Mobile Lite is for devices with limited storage and low RAM (≤2GB). To do this, the standard 100 player brawls are reduced to 60, with the Erangel map being scaled down from 8km x 8km to a mere 2km x 2km to compensate.


The outstanding features

Here are some great features in PUBG Lite APK for Android

  • High-quality graphics and HD audio
  • Realistic weapons
  • Team up with friends
  • Fair-play game environment
  • Adjust the resources.
  • Add the stones, trees, boxes.
  • Change the time zone.
  • Switch the flight path.
  •  Adjust the events.

How to download PUBG MOBILE Lite APK for Android

If you are feeling excited about this version right now, please be patient. The reason is that PUBG Mobile Lite has only been tested in the Philippine market, and other regions are not yet supported. Fortunately, you can still download and install it via our APKAFE file.

Simply click the link above the article to download and install the game to your devices. The process is easy and quick.

How to play PUBG Lite in US or any country?

You need a file explorer to install the game in your country. Here are steps for you to do so.

  1. Once downloaded, use any file explorer and go the downloaded location. (Recommended ES File Explorer)
  2. Change the extension of the file from .XAPK to .ZIP
  3. Unzip it and install the PUBG Mobile LITE APK First! Do not open the Game Yet!
  4. Now move the Data folder to the OBB directory which is Android>OBB Folder
  5. Now as the game is installed we would need to use the VPN app. You can download PowerVPN. Click Here!
  6. Set your country to Brazil and open the Game!
  7. Create new account (Use Guest or Google Play)
  8. Enjoy PUBG Mobile LITE now!!!

PUBG Lite tips and tricks

1. There is a place nearby Old Basin in the map where you find a plank and a car upside down, which forms to be an excellent place to hide and target.
2. To jump from one building to another building from the terrace, you have to press jump continuously.
3. If you open the smoke grenade and keep it in hand, you can spot the opponent in smoke, but the opponent can’t do the same.
4. If your car gets stuck, blowing up grenade beneath can free your vehicle.
5. If you stay half inside the circle and half outside, you won’t get hurt and can easily target others.

Along with the tricks, developers have fixed various bugs and smoothened the gameplay by improving reload system, shooting, movement, and much more.




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