If you already know the popular social network like Facebook/Twitter and the social photo network like Pinterest/Instagram, then you probably know about the music social network like SoundCloud. Here, you can download music files of any musician or singer. Conversely, if you have the ability to compose/sing the wonderful songs, you can immediately upload your songs here for everyone else to enjoy. 

Special features

Huge music library 

Besides buying the copyright of all famous singers/musicians around the world to be able to distribute their songs, SoundCloud also allows its members to upload their songs to its library. But you should bear in mind that only uploading the products are created/covered by yourself. If you upload the songs that are not yours, they will be deleted because of the copyright violation.

Simple interface 

The interface of SoundCloud is simple because it does not divide details like other music applications. All songs will be sorted by basic music genres such as sleep, workout, study, relax, party, chill, etc.

Update music continuously 

The SoundCloud music application is also a social network. Therefore, when you use it, there is also the News Feed feature. Here, the songs will be updated every second based on the manufacturer/user uploading or the user’s interaction for each song.

SoundCloud allows you to create your own library with lots of playlists 

The library section will be a place to list the songs that you’ve heard. And yet, you can also choose your favorite songs to create different playlists. After that, you can listen to those playlists according to your mood or purpose. 

Interact and share music easily 

On your best-loved song/albums/playlist, you can bookmark favorites, report to SoundCloud so that this song will be in the top News Feed of many people. In addition, you can easily share this song on social networks or make them become news on Instagram with just one click. 

How to download and install SoundCloud APK for free

Fortunately, SoundCloud is currently available both on Android and iOS operating systems. You can download it at the link above this article, or go directly to Google Play/App Store. 

To be able to use it, you need to register an account. The fastest way is to use Facebook to register. All your information likes name, date of birth, email, etc. will be transferred to SoundCloud. So, you will immediately have an account and use is also very easy. 

How to download music from SoundCloud 

To be allowed to download music from the app, you need to upgrade to Pro account (when login, it will help you not to be bothered by ads and can download music files to your device). 

In case you cannot afford to upgrade to Pro account, you can still download the music from the app with the third party, which is soundcloudmp3.org. Simply paste the URL of the song that you want to download into the toolbar on that site, then click “Download mp3” select the location, and click OK. 

Comparison between SoundCloud vs Spotify

Both these applications are the most wanted in the world. However, SoundCloud seems to be more welcomed and loved by users. Spotify users are 75 million while SoundCloud is up to 175 million. Spotify’s number of songs is 40 million while the other is 110 million. At SoundCloud, the users are allowed to upload music and can become famous. Best of all, the free version of SoundCloud is much better than Spotify’s. 

To know more about Spotify here


How to change SoundCloud name


Step 1. Visit the SoundCloud website and log in to your account.


Step 2. Click your username on the menu bar at the top of the screen and select “Profile” on the drop-down menu to display your profile.


Step 3. Click the “Edit” button located beneath your profile picture to load the Profile settings screen.


Step 4. Here, you can change both your username and the first and last names associated with your account. Click the “Save Changes” button when you finish.


How to upload music to SoundCloud


Step 1. Click Upload at the top of the page near the search bar.


Step 2. On the Upload page, you can either click ‘Choose file to upload’ or drag and drop the file into the screen. The song will take a few minutes depending on your kind of account.


How to delete Soundcloud account


Remember that you can only delete your account by accessing SoundCloud on PC


  1. Go to SoundCloud.com and login to your account.
  2. The navigate to http://soundcloud.com/settings/account, or simply click on the previous link to go there automatically.
  3. Click on the “Delete Account” button.




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